Noom @ MacIT: Healthcare Tech for Humans

by | Jul 23, 2015

On Tuesday, July 21, Noom’s Senior Vice President of Healthcare Solutions Noel Khirsukhani sat on The Mobile Monday Silicon Valley panel called “Leveraging the Person, Technology, and Mentors to Help People Get and Stay Healthier.” Taking place in Santa Clara, California, the MacIT Conference discusses “deploying iOS and OS X in the enterprise” for Apple deployment professionals.
On the panel, Khirsukhani discussed how Noom Health’s technology is able to track the behavior of an individual in order to encourage better adherence. He pointed to how specific Noom’s interventions can be thanks to this technology. Khirsukhani also noted Noom’s high retention rates in our wellness program even without incentives.
The video of the entire panel is shared below. Khirsukhani was joined by figures from NEXT IT, the Clinton Foundation, and Kaiser Permanente. Khirsukhani’s portion begins around minute 32.
Title image credit: taken by Stephen Brashear, MacIT Conference