Weight Loss Workout Moves for Men: 5 Crucial Fat-Burning Exercises to Incorporate Today

by | May 20, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Stephanie Santoro

Weight gain in men is notoriously most visible in the belly area. For some of us—as we expand in age and wisdom—our abdominal area tends to expand too. For others, even if you’re typically active and eat well, having to loosen that belt a notch can become more and more common out of nowhere because of fluctuations in metabolism.   

Working with Noom, you’ll learn countless effective exercises to burn fat and stay fit. In the meantime, work these five fat-shredding moves into your routine to start tightening up that waistline:

1. Barbell Lunges

Position the barbell across your back after selecting a weight you’re comfortable lifting, depending on your experience and strength level. You’re going to alternate lunging forward on each leg. Start with left leg stepping out first and squatting into the move, lowering your right knee and almost touching the floor. Push back up keeping your back straight the entire time. Do 12-15 lunges on each leg.

Benefits: Glutes, hamstrings, and most of all your metabolism.  

2. Burpees

We know. Burpees are the worst. We also know you’re up for the challenge. You can do this. To begin this full body scorcher of an exercise, start in a standing position with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Then jump your feet back so you’re in an active pushup position. When pressing your body up in this motion jump back into standing and repeat.

Take your time and don’t get discouraged that you’re not completely fluid right away. You’ll get faster and it’ll flow more easily as you practice. Start with doing 15-20 and push yourself toward more as you gain strength and coordination with the movement.  

Benefits: Works your whole body, burns fat, knocks out cardio portion of workout, and preps you for burning calories with the weight lifting exercises.

3. Barbell Rollouts

Prepare your barbell with whatever weight you want as long as it’s a single weight to each side and each is equal in weight. Kneel onto a matt with both knees, place your hands over the bar, and roll forward. Keep the arms locked straight, roll back up, engage your core, and keep both knees grounded during the entire movement. Do 3-5 reps to start.

Benefits: Burns fat fast and strengthens your core at the same time.  

4. Running

Make sure you have supportive running shoes and access to a place where you’ll enjoy the scenery. If you’re easily distracted or discouraged, whether a beginner or well-seasoned runner, making sure the atmosphere is to your liking is worth the effort for the most positive experience. Eventually you’ll want to work your way up to an hour long run if running will be the only exercise you do for the day.

To begin, run for at least 30 minutes at a pace that allows you to maintain a conversation without running out of breath. Running this slowly allows you to burn the most fat because your body is using fat for fuel at this speed. Running at a faster pace burns more calories.

Benefits: Going for a good run can be a great mood booster and it engages your entire body. Additionally, your body continues to burn fat for 2-3 hours after your run if you refrain from consuming anything but liquids and a small amount of protein in that time period.

5. Jumping Rope

This low-impact exercise helps you lose fat all over your body and is relatively accessible to most people. Over time you can develop quicker speed, endurance, and coordination. Try jumping rope for a good 30 minutes to start. Once you build up your endurance you might choose to jump rope for a longer time with different variations of skipping or arm movements.

Benefits: Works as a primary exercise, warm-up, or interval training exercise. Burns about 430 calories in 30 minutes and helps shed a few pounds a month (when on a balanced weight loss plan that incorporates other smart choices).

We know it can feel very, very discouraging – but getting into the shape you want is possible. Really. Noom has a customizable weight loss program that is effective for long term weight loss and ongoing weight management for optimizing workout tips like the ones above. It is designed to mold to any hectic schedule, lifestyle, dietary need, body type, gender, and/or any specific need in general. We have the tools for you to be successful and we have your back when it comes to the mental roadblocks that stop you from achieving the best shape of your life.