Weight Loss: Why It’s Easier (and Harder) than You Think

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Cecilia Snyder, MS, RD

Why does it always seem to feel like it’s really easy to get started losing weight, but not nearly as easy to keep losing weight? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about this question, you’re certainly not alone. Why is this so often the case, though?

We’ve all heard about it, and most of us have probably even done it a time or two… lost 10 pounds on the keto diet last summer, 15 pounds with Weight Watchers a few years ago, maybe even more. But then winter rolled around and somehow all of that weight that felt so easy to lose suddenly felt really hard to maintain. Maybe it was the holidays that set you off course. Or maybe things got busy at work and so your meal prepping, your weekly weight loss meetings, and your new workout routine all fell by the wayside.

We know these stories well–weight loss that was easy in the beginning, but that got harder and harder to maintain as the weeks went by. But how often do you ever hear people talking about a diet that completely changed their lives forever? Chances are that you rarely hear people talking about a diet that changed their lives forever. That’s because diets don’t work long-term. The results just don’t ever seem to stick. They’re simply not sustainable. But what if it is possible to learn a new way of eating that is healthy, sustainability, and enjoyable? Could that be the missing link we’ve all been searching for

Weight Loss: Getting started

In the beginning, it’s easy to feel excited about a new diet. You’ve probably got a vision in mind of what your life will be like after you lose this weight… the new clothes you’ll be able to wear, how great you’ll feel when you see yourself in photos, all of the activities you’ve been dying to try but haven’t felt confident enough to go for. These big picture goals are what help us to feel so motivated about getting started with a new diet in the first place. And a lot of times, a little motivation can go a long way.   

Here’s how things typically go next… with any diet you choose, chances are that you’re going to be asked to make some pretty drastic changes to your usual eating habits. It could be cutting out all carbs, only eating at certain times of the day, or going on a juice clean for days at a time. Making such drastic changes often results in pretty quick weight loss. So after a few weeks, you’re probably going to be feeling pretty great about all the progress you’ve been making.

But what happens when you get tired of eating the same old thing day in and day out, or what happens when you hit that first plateau? What happens when you get invited to your friend’s birthday dinner and they aren’t serving anything at all that’s allowed on your current diet plan? These types of roadblocks are bound to pop up along the way. And this is the point at which things usually being to feel really difficult.

Weight Loss: Fighting the frustrations

So there’s the kicker. This is exactly why most diets feel so easy in the beginning, but so hard to maintain after a few weeks. Diets don’t address these types of frustrations at all. Not even one bit. They’ll probably tell you exactly what to eat, what not to eat, and they might even tell you exactly when to eat. But they won’t help you understand why you make the food choices that you make each day.

A diet probably won’t help you learn how to understand your thoughts and behaviors about food so that making those new healthier choices each day feels easy. And even worse, diets definitely won’t provide a supportive shoulder to lean on in those moments after you’ve hit your first plateau, when you totally blew it over the weekend, or when weight loss simply begins to feel really hard again.

Weight Loss: Making it stick with Noom

But what if there was a weight loss program that could do all of this and more? The good news is that–there is! Noom won’t simply tell you exactly what to eat and when. Instead, Noom will provide you with an entire set of practical tools that will teach you how to make these choices confidently on your own each day, now and forever.  

The best part is, you can access these tools from the comfort of your own phone at any time during the day or night, right when you need them most. With these tools in your back pocket, Noom will help you lose the diet mentality, focus instead on a lifestyle mentality, and make weight loss will begin to feel easy again:

  • Self-monitoring tools to track daily weight, calorie intake, and physical activity
  • An evidence-based curriculum built on nutrition and psychology  
  • Two personal health coaches to guide you through your weight loss journey
  • A support group of peers to pick you up when you’re feeling down
  • An entire database of healthy recipes for every occasion

Weight Loss: Try Noom and keep it off for good

If you’re tired of feeling like weight loss is impossible, or if you want to lose weight without having to feel miserable in the process, get started on your journey with Noom today and let us remind you just how easy weight loss can be with the right tools and the right mentality.