How to: Get support on your weight loss journey

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Tammy Taylor, CPT

Whenever we are trying to create change in our lives and become better versions of ourselves, it can often mean that we may also have to change boundaries with those closest to us and form new bonds with others who are on the same journey. This transition time can be rather difficult. After all, who really wants to think that those closest to them would not be supportive of their efforts in becoming a healthier, more confident version of themselves?  A Stanford University study showed that over 75% of women ”never” or “rarely” experienced support from friends or family when it came to losing weight. 

Why would people who love you sabotage your efforts to do something that is already so difficult?  The answer to this question can vary greatly, ranging from simply wanting you to enjoy yourself and have a good time, to being more pathological and feeling like your success is a direct threat to their well-being. Whatever the reason may be, the end result is going to be the same. Like the Beastie Boys sang: “it’s sabotage”.  

The good news is when we decide to set boundaries and let go of toxic and negative energy, we also open up space to let in new positive energy.  Having healthy, supportive friendships means also having a better mood, less stress, improved self-worth, and a better chance of reaching your goals!

So how do you find your weight loss tribe?

1. Find a cause

Meet people who are equally passionate about the same purpose. For those of you that have a hard time prioritizing yourself amongst all your other many obligations, what if you tied your fitness goals into a cause you feel passionate about?! There are so many organizations out there that offer opportunities to not only get some exercise in, but to also raise money your favorite charities.

2. Go online

Obviously if you’re already reading this, you are off to a great start building a network of new online and offline friends with Noom! Fitness apps have features that allow you to not only connect with others on- and offline, but also can enable you to have your own personal health coach! If you already have a Facebook account, why not join some online fitness groups or post and share recipes with your fellow Noomies?

3. Befriend your neighbors

Next time you are out for a walk, run, or bike ride, pay attention to your neighbors who are out doing the same thing. Giving a nod, a high-five, or a word of encouragement goes a long way toward supporting them and motivating yourself. This kind gesture could open up new opportunities for taking things to the next level. Perhaps, you could invite them to join you next time you are planning on walking, or to a cooking class, or one of the next charity 5ks you are doing.

4. Win at work 

If you are working a 9-hour work day, that means you are spending 2100 hours a year with your colleagues; we can either choose to share good habits or bad habits. Instead of sharing cakes, cookies, or candies, why not put a fruit basket on your desk?  Start a “Biggest Loser” competition or perhaps a step challenge to keep everyone moving. Remember the law of attraction: you will attract into your life whatever you focus on; whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you. Stay focused on the good and positive and the good and positive will stay focused on you!