10 Best Ways for Men to Lose Weight

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Last updated Jul 20, 2022

Listen up fellas! This one’s for you. 

Wanting to lose weight? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you! 

It’s true that the world of weight loss is over-saturated with fad diets and exercise routines promising unrealistic results. These diets and meal plans make results seem guaranteed if you simply follow certain rules, eat certain foods, and do enough push ups. To help you navigate this confusing information, we have compiled our top 10 best ways for men to lose weight. 

Let’s dive right in, and then answer some important questions that will impact how men should approach weight loss! 

Weight loss diet plan for men

What is the best weight loss diet plan for men?

The best weight loss diet plan for men depends on the man! So many variables play into what a successful weight loss plan looks like. Things to consider when finding the right weight loss plan for you include current weight, health status. lifestyle, and food/exercise preferences.

Although fast weight loss tends to be the goal for anyone starting a new diet, the key of a successful diet is sustainability. Fast weight loss tends to happen as a result of a restrictive crash diet that is not sustainable. Simply starving yourself for a month to lose 20 pounds will not lead to lasting change and will likely end in you regaining whatever body fat you lost.

Utilizing an extreme or restrictive diet, even if it is considered the “best”, will in the long-run, lead to frustration and giving up. A one size fits all approach to weight loss never works because we are all different! Not only are all men different but it is important to remember that men and women lose weight differently as well.

Fat loss diet plan for men

What is the best fat loss diet plan for males?

The best way for men to lose fat will involve a combination changes to diet and exercise. Achieving a calorie deficit while engaging in strength training activities will help preserve muscle mass as body weight is lost, meaning a larger proportion of weight loss will be fat loss.

Why do men lose weight faster than women?

In general, men lose weight faster than women because men typically have a higher percentage of muscle mass. This increased amount of muscle leads to a higher metabolic rate (calories burned through normal metabolic processes), which allows men to burn calories and fat at a faster pace than women. Although men can lose weight more quickly than women, this does not mean that men can eat whatever they want and still lose weight. A healthy and mindful approach to calorie intake and exercise is still key to successful weight loss for men.

What’s the best diet plan for men to lose weight?

Finding an eating style that fits your lifestyle and preferences is key when starting a weight loss plan. Dieting is often presented as a fix-all approach to losing weight. Low-carb diet? High-carb diet? No carbs at all? Keto diet? Vegan? Intermittent fasting? Weight Watchers? The fact is that all of these diets can give you results and help you lose weight. Whatever you choose, it is important that you feel the style of eating is sustainable for your life.

The best weight loss plan for men

As you can see, these 10 best ways for men to lose weight are simple and realistic. No crash diets, no illusions of overnight success, but instead balanced and sustainable habits that can lead to lasting change. There are no secret tips or tricks when looking at weight loss diets for men. By setting a goal and using mindful strategies to change daily habits, men (or anyone for that matter) can expect to see realistic and sustainable weight loss!

At Noom, we believe the best weight loss diet includes developing awareness around your food choices and learning how your food choices can play into your long-term goals. No food should be off limits and no foods possess magical weight loss powers. The body requires a certain amount of calories to lose weight and having the knowledge of how the foods you enjoy fit into this balance can help you eat the foods you like and still reach your weight loss goals..