Total Gym Weight Loss Plan: Does it actually deliver?

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Nicholas Gregory, MA

Total Gym is a brand of workout machines used for strength training, pilates, and stretching. Most recognized by its long running infomercials including cameos by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, the Total Gym has garnered a large following of at-home workout enthusiasts. As a workout machine, the Total Gym is pretty simple. Using pulley systems and the user’s body weight, the sliding surface allows for a host of strengthening and stretching exercises that are both modifiable and low impact, making it great for those new to exercise. Exercise effectiveness aside, does the Total Gym deliver when it comes to weight loss? Let’s take a look at a few areas that are important when considering the effectiveness of any workout/weight loss plan!

Total Gym Weight Loss: As seen on TV?

As discussed in prior Noom blogs, exercise alone may not be enough when trying to lose weight. Now don’t get us wrong, exercise has a host of health benefits including increased energy levels, improved body composition, and helping reduce the risk of chronic conditions, but when it comes to losing weight, exercise alone will not cut it. In marketing workout programs and machines such as the Total Gym, prospective consumers are made to believe that by simply hopping on their Total Gym for 30 minutes each day, they will effortlessly reach their goal weight and have chiseled six pack abs. A main component that is missed in these advertisements is the role of diet and lifestyle that are so vital in weight loss. Without awareness around food choices, calories, and sustainability, expecting lasting results from a single workout machine is going to leave you frustrated and looking for more.

Total Gym Weight Loss: Is It Sustainable?

Browsing the Total Gym website, we were able to locate the Total Gym Nutritional Guide that was created by celebrity trainer Dan Isaacson. We were glad to see a resource that seeks to help consumers on healthy eating as it relates to the Total Gym. The three steps to healthier eating as defined by the guide were water, meal timing, and food choices. We agree that water plays an important role in overall health and should always be a habit examined when making healthier choices. The next step was meal timing. This step encourages Total Gym followers to set a schedule of eating every 2-3 hours during the day and gave a 5 meal daily eating schedule to follow. This regimented eating schedule does bring into question sustainability and balance. Should you eat if you aren’t hungry? What if work doesn’t allow you a snack at the recommended times? Eating schedules are often a double-edged sword as they can help in consistency and meal timing but can also cause unnecessary stress and unsustainable eating habits given life’s many variables.

The final step in the Total Gym eating plan was food choices. To help followers, Isaacson offers supplemental meal plan examples based on bodyweight. The main issue that arises with these meal plans is that they are simply lists of foods with a specific serving size for each day. There is no talk about calories or caloric density and the importance of awareness around daily food choices. Now this diet plan may work great if you are ok with eating the same 5 day meal plan for the rest of your life, but if not, sustainability should again be called into question.

Totally You

Although the Total Gym may offer a low impact and effective workout machine, the support and emphasis put on factors that ultimately lead to success in any exercise or weight loss plan are severely lacking. At Noom, we believe sustainability and balance are key to weight loss. Exercise, water, and food choices all play into this journey but should be done on your time and your terms. Creating awareness around choices and not following a cookie cutter diet plan can ensure you are able to sustain it and still enjoy your life. Interested in finding your balance when it comes to exercise and food choices? Want one-on-one support from a personalized goal specialist? If so, start your risk-free 14 day trial with Noom today!