Three Best Journal Apps of 2019 to Use on Your Weight Loss Journey

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Remember when you were a kid and you kept a diary? Maybe you wrote about your crush, your best friend (or frenemy), or what you did at recess that day. There is some evidence that suggests keeping a journal into adulthood can have it’s benefits. Side effects of journaling may include: creatively solving problems, decreased feelings of stress and anxiety, expression of emotions, and the opportunity to practice self-talk. But what for weight loss? You bet! These are all effects that could relate back to a weight loss journey and play a major role in helping you reach your goals. Here is a breakdown of 3 journal apps to use alongside Noom on your path to better health.

Journey App

Journey is a seriously cool free journal app with a subscription option, if you want those premium features, that works on your smartphone (iPhone and Android) as well as your computer. You can have access to your weight loss journal wherever you may be, whatever you may be doing, without carrying around a notebook. The website walks you through what a journal is, prompts to help you get started, and the different type of entries you may write. You can also attach images to your journal entries to keep track of experiences. You can protect your entries with a PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID as well as back up to Google Drive incase something happens to your device.

With the different types of journals offered by Journey. Which may pair best with your Noom experience? Reflection is part of the process but it’s important to remember that we all reflect in different ways. This app gives you a place to write and reflect in a specific place with a specific type of journal. You may think back on your Noom curriculum for that day, how you felt when you made a healthy choice, or how you managed stress and emotions on any given day.

Day One App

Day One has a sleek design and boasts that it’s “everything you need and nothing you don’t” in a journaling app. It’s simple and pleasing to look at and not at all overwhelming. Where start your entry will be obvious. There is a free version or a subscription option that opens the door to premium features such as have multiple journals in one place. Similar to Journey, Day One allows you to create weight loss journal entries with different types of media. You may snap a picture but its other features allow you to sketch out a drawing or record some audio. This app has a platform for your iPhone, iPad, or Android but the web version is currently only available on Mac computers. The passcode feature helps you keep these entries private as well.

To keep your journaling motivation high, Day One also has a blog that you can follow. These articles may spark some ideas, help you stay in your writing groove, and make it a habit as well as learn formatting that works best for you…and you know much we like making things into habits. You can also search your entries by keywords or hashtags to help you go back and read previous logs. You may even #Noom to journal about your progress. We know, that’s #awesome.


Here’s one for those who don’t do words! That’s right. You can journal your weight loss experience here without having to write much if at all (did we just blow your mind?). Daylio is incredibly simple in that it helps you keep track of your mood, emotions, and what you’ve been up to in any given day that led you to feel that way. Simply select a customizable emotion icon and an activity or two or three, and you’re entry is done! The app is available on iPhone and Android (no desktop interfacing here) for free. With color coded icons, charts and graphs, you can easily see how you’ve been feeling from day to day and keep up with events.

For those days where you may have a little more to say, you can add notes to your entries and describe your feeling a bit more. Setting reminders to journal each day on this app will help you incorporate it into your routine and the backup feature to Google drive will help you keep hold of them. Similar to Journey, you can also set a PIN to protect your entries. You could use this app specifically for your feelings along your Noom journey and think through how certain events or situations went for you and why.

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Author: Amanda Cofer, MPH