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This running app for weight loss is absurdly fun

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Running is a great form of exercise that can help you stay active and get in great cardiovascular shape, but for most, running can quickly become somewhat boring and monotonous. Even the thought of lacing up those shoes and hitting the road quickly becomes uninteresting and unsustainable. App developer Six to Start has found a solution for this and developed an app to help make running more enjoyable and entertaining. How did they do that? One word. Zombies.

How this running app gamifies fitness

That’s right, Zombies Run is a GPS based mobile game that puts you in a post-apocalyptic story where your running workouts align with story based missions! With about 30 individual missions per season and six seasons so far, there are plenty of missions to help you stay motivated and become the hero of your own Zombie story, all while enjoying those running workouts!

On the first run you will learn your role in the story line and that it is your task to retrieve supplies and run special missions for your basecamp. Not only does the app provide an immersive storyline but it also allows you to track your routes and pace based on each mission. Wanting to get faster on your runs? Don’t worry, each mission will include a chase where the app updates you in real time how close the undead are from getting you. Speed up or risk failing the mission (who knew zombies could run so fast?)!

4 alternatives

Zombies not really your thing? Check out these runner-ups to help you stay motivated and enjoy your workouts!

1. Couch to 5k

A great app for those new to running, Couch to 5k provides beginner running plans to help you go from the couch to a 3.1 mile race within in nine weeks! The app tracks your time, distance, and allows you to share stats with friends and other 5kers!

2. Daily Yoga

Prefer yoga? Daily yoga provide tons of HD yoga classes at the touch of your finger tips! It also allows you to filter based on a specific focus or pose!

3. Aaptiv

Aaptiv gives your access to audio-based fitness classes lead by fitness professionals! More than 2000 workouts from classes such as running, stretching, weight liftings, and stretching!

4. Seven

Workout anytime, anywhere, in just 7 minutes! The seven app sets a challenge of workout out for seven minutes a day for seven months using nothing but body weight or a wall!

The best alternative: Noom

Run… and then some!

While we encourage Noomers to find what works for them and have the ability to use any of these awesome workout apps in tandem with Noom, everything you need to reach your goals is included in your customized course. Noomers work with their Goal Specialist to set weekly, achievable goals to develop healthy eating, stress management, sleep, self-care, and yes, physical activity, — hold the zombies. Curious to learn more about the power of habits? Kickstart your 14-day trial today!