The Right Way to Use Weight-Loss Apps

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, but apps can help. Be sure you’re getting the most out of yours with these easy tips.

Weight-loss apps are a dime a dozen (and many are free, like these Top Healthy Living Apps for Weight Loss), but are they even worth downloading? At first glance, they seem like a great idea: After all, plenty of research shows that recording what you eat can help you eat less. However several new studies show that using a weight-loss app to record your intake may not actually help you slim down. According to a recent University of California-Los Angeles study, participants who downloaded a smartphone app for weight loss didn’t lose any more weight over six months than those who didn’t. And another study, by researchers at Arizona State University, found no difference in weight loss among people who recorded their intake using a smartphone app, memo function, or paper and pen. Continued.