The Best Weight Loss Program Isn’t a Program At All

by | May 20, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Anna Frinzi

Sure, we call Noom a ‘program’ just to convey the idea-but it’s not really a program. There’s no hoops to jump through or boxes to check. It’s entirely personalized and unique to each individual.

When people hear Noom described as a ‘program’, they may have visions of diet plans, eating restrictions, prearranged time tables and a regimented schedule to follow that is generic for everyone who joins. A program is typically seen as a structured plan with no flexibility or personalization. However, that is not the case! In fact, it is much to the contrary.

Noom is Not Your Average Program

Here at Noom, we work with you to create an entirely individualized plan that is solely for your schedule and lifestyle. We understand that everyone is different and what works successfully for one person may not work effectively for the next. That is why we personalize the experience for each Noomer! We truly listen and implement strategies that are doable for you and have implemented the best weight loss method out there.

Even though we sometimes call ourselves a ‘program’, we see ourselves as much more than that generic word. Noom is a lifelong lifestyle change and is not a quick fix method to solve your weight loss woes. We work with you to identify which specific focus areas you want to improve and set out to implement behavior change strategies to address each issue.  This process does not occur overnight and may take some effort but it will be worth it in the end when your results are achieved and sustained.

A One-on-One Support System

Having support on any journey in life is beneficial and this is a very important path you are embarking on. That is why we equip you with a coach, known as a goal specialist to assist you on your weight loss journey. This coach works with you individually to identify changes you want to make to achieve your super goal. Your goal specialist is there as a support to set small, attainable goals in a custom-made way. You lead your weight loss journey and we are there to guide you along the way!

Each Noomer is unique and has different needs to address. A ‘program’ tends to be a diet or weight loss plan that is directed at the general population and is not tailored to each individual. Many people are not able to find success with these programs and we are different! The goal specialist understands this concept thoroughly and listens to your needs to implement strategies that are effective. They truly take the time to get to know each Noomer on a personalized basis and connect regularly for check ins. Our coaches have a wide variety of backgrounds, education, experiences that makes their addition to the program so unique and valuable.  This personal connection with your goal specialist is a major key to why Noom is the best weight loss program on the market.

Group Support

Along with your goal specialist, each individual receives a group coach who leads a group full of other Noomers to interact with 24/7. Group coaches lead the discussion in the groups, as having that added layer of social connection and motivation can be an extra bonus to your journey to weight loss. Take the time to connect and get to know other Noomers who may be on a similar path as you. Having that personalized support in the form of your goal specialist and group coach is so essential to success and differentiates Noom from other “one size fits all” programs.

Working Through Weight Loss Challenges

We take weight loss seriously (well maybe not too seriously) and with that, we know that it is not always easy. Bumps in the road do occur and that is life. We do not expect this journey to be perfect! That is why we provide you with support to work through potential obstacles and consider strategies to utilize when a slip up or setback might occur.

We Want You to Be Successful in Losing Weight!

Your success is important to us and that is why we are backed by behavior change techniques and psychological principles. We stay up to date with the most current research and science surrounding weight loss strategies. We pride ourselves on teaching our Noomily how to implement these strategies into their own lives in a personalized manner. We offer daily content to our Noomers and have found these articles to be a supportive daily reminder to stay on track with achieving weight loss goals.

TL;DR: Noom is NOT Just Another Program

Although we may sometimes refer to ourselves as a “program”, we know that we are more than that word encompasses and pride ourselves on our distinctiveness as the best weight loss method. Our style is different; however, it is effective, and we value each and every Noomer who joins us. Sign up with Noom today and discover an individualized approach that is powerful in achieving your weight loss goals.