The Best Way to Lose Weight Is a Full House

by | May 22, 2019 | Last updated Mar 16, 2023

When it comes to figuring out the best way to lose weight, it’s not uncommon to wonder whether or not the plan you’ve picked is one that’s worth placing your bet on, or if it’s one that could be straight bluffing you. So we’ve put together a list of several different tactics that every legitimate weight loss plan should include. Next time you set out to lose weight, make sure you’ve got each of these “cards” in your deck and you’ll never have to fold on weight loss again!

1. Play your cards right and change the way you view food for good

Let’s cut straight to the chase with this first card… dieting simply does not work. Not in the long run at least. A diet will encourage you to completely eliminate certain foods from your meals, it will suggest that one way of eating works best for everyone, and chances are that it will make you miserable in the process. If you want to lose weight for good, you’ve got to lose the diet mindset and focus instead on developing your own personal food system. Your personal food system will help put your values and beliefs around food into perspective. And as a result, it will guide your everyday food choices in a way that promotes balance between the foods you love that you could never imagine living without and the foods that your body needs to lose weight and keep it off for good.

2. Double down with more than just diet

Now that’s we’ve gotten rid of the diet mindset, let’s look at what else comes into play with weight loss. Don’t get me wrong here… food choices are important. In fact, they’re really important on any weight loss journey. But, they certainly aren’t the only factor with the potential to help you win big. The best way to lose weight is to take a holistic approach that also considers other factors of health like physical activity, sleep, stress, and your innermost thoughts and beliefs around food. Sound deep? That’s because it is! Our habits around food, and around health in general, are formed and embedded at an extremely early age. So it makes sense that it can feel so hard to change those habits at times. But by getting to the root of what drives your own behaviors and beliefs with a psychology-based approach, it is very possible to rewrite your own script and figure out the best way to lose weight for good.

3. Fill your hand with practical tools

It’s a busy world we live in, and even with a renewed mindset around weight loss, it can still be tough at times to stay on track with weight loss goals in the midst of the many other activities and responsibilities that fill our days. This is where practical tools comes in to play. A solid set of weight loss tools should help you learn all about the fundamentals of weight loss and self-monitor your progress but without feeling like it’s a chore to keep up with. Look for a set of tools that are convenient, personalized, and evidence-based.

4. Raise the stakes with one-on-one coaching

If we’re being honest here, let’s go ahead and put it out there… weight loss can be really hard sometimes. Especially when you’re focusing on long-lasting behavior changes rather than a quick fix. Some days you might feel like throwing in the towel, and some days it will feel like you’ll never be able to reach your goals no matter how many healthy choices you make. But that’s just simply not true. So sometimes, what you really need is somebody right there by your side to remind you of this when the going gets tough. That’s where a personal health coach comes into the picture. Your health coach isn’t there to tell you exactly what to eat or when to exercise, but instead, your coach is there to ask you all of the right questions that will guide you towards being able to make those big decisions for yourself, now and forever. A coach provides feedback, accountability, and most of all support.

5. Hit the jackpot with community support

What’s a good poker game without some good friends to enjoy it with? Well, the same could be said about any successful weight loss journey. Losing weight can feel really isolating at times. You might find yourself thinking “Nobody knows what I am going through right now.” or “I really wish there was someone I could turn to for some honest advice.” And while a personal health coach can help you work through these types of thoughts, sometimes it’s nice to feel like there is someone you can go to who knows exactly how you’re feeling in those moments. Someone else who is also working hard to lose weight and fully understand the struggles that come along with it. Finding that support group is a critical component of any successful weight loss plan.  

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