The Best Hydrating Foods and 16 Snack Ideas to Get You There

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Water. You know you should drink it. You know that it’s good for you. But for some of us, it feels impossible to drink enough.

What your body needs

In case you didn’t know, water makes up about two-thirds to three-quarters of your body weight. That’s a lot! All this to say, we’re hoping this helps you to understand why it plays such an essential role in your body’s functions. From helping with weight loss to keeping you energized, water does it all.

You’ve probably heard that you need to drink “8 glasses a day.” Science actually tells us that it’s really difficult to make such general recommendation. Water recommendations vary based on age, sex, activity level, and a whole other slew of conditions, like the climate or environment you live in. It’s also difficult to make such recommendations when drinking water isn’t the only way to hydrate! That’s right, your body gets water from your food, too.  

Your best bet is to aim to drink water between meals and snacks throughout the day and listen to your body’s thirst cues. For most people, if they do this, they will be able to meet their body’s needs. Things like thirst, fatigue, less frequent urination or dark colored urine, dizziness and confusion are typically the first signs of dehydration to look out for, so if you are experiencing any of these, you should probably re-evaluate your intake.

The most hydrating foods

At Noom, we’re big on understanding that while no food is off limits, you should understand the calorie density and let that be your guide to eating a well-balanced diet. If you’ve been with us for some time, you know all about those colors and you might have even guessed which color category of ours includes the most hydrating foods. That’s right, when it comes to water content, green foods are your best bet!

The truth is, all fruits and veggies have water in them. This list is simply meant to highlight some hydration superstars and to help you find a variety of options that suit your taste preferences. PSA: To get the most bang for your buck in terms of hydration, fresh is best.


  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Bell peppers
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Lettuce
  • Radishes
  • Tomatoes
  • Watercress
  • Zucchini/squash


  • Blackberries
  • Cantaloupe
  • Grapefruit
  • Honeydew
  • Lemons
  • Nectarines
  • Papayas
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Pineapple
  • Plums
  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon

Eat your way to better hydration

Last week some of our coaches shared their favorite summer snacks here. We’ve included some of our favorites below, along with some fresh new ideas to keep you cool: