The Best Diet Plan: Thinking Beyond Weight Loss to Achieve Lasting Results

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Anna Frinzi

When considering the word “diet”, you most likely relate this concept to food restrictions, meal plans, detox, elimination of a certain food group, or another extreme form of eating. A diet plan focuses on food and while this can be effective, it is not necessarily the only key to losing weight and may not be a sustainable change to continue in the long run.

Read on to consider other aspects that are needed to make a long-term change to your health that is not solely dedicated to food and a specific diet plan.

Consider this…

A successful lifestyle change not only requires modifications to your eating plan but additional support such as coaching, behavior change techniques, and personalized advice that will continue the motivation and aid in overcoming obstacles. Simply following an outlined diet plan is not the solution to losing weight but digging deeper into making changes that will last is the route to achieving your goals. In addition to a diet plan, Noom offers support in a multitude of ways that generates success to a healthier you and solidifies changes that are made.

It takes a village

A major key to being successful with changing behaviors is to have that outside social support. Whether that be family members, friends, co-workers, children, or even your pets, a strong support system is a phenomenal benefit to staying on track. With Noom, you will gain a support system in the form of group coaching. Noom provides a group coach who leads a group of Noomers who are on a similar path to achieving their Super Goal and discovering their Ultimate Why. This dynamic group setting adds elements of motivation, accountability, insights, and creativity to the path to weight loss. Having this type of social connection is unique and has helped many Noomers achieve success.

Seek individualized coaching

Along with having a group coach and other Noomers to connect with, you will also receive a coach who communicates with you one-on-one to achieve your Super Goal. This coach is known as a goal specialist and provides individualized support for reaching your goals. Focusing on ALL aspects of life is so important and much more than just a diet plan will be discussed with your goal specialist. No one’s journey looks the same and this personalized connection is beneficial to creating a plan that is realistic for you. By definition, the goal specialist concentrates on goal setting and will guide you to create small, short-term realistic goals to achieve your ultimate dreams. Your goal specialist will dive into more than your diet plan as so many aspects affect weight loss such as stress, sleep habits, self-care, motivation, metabolism, just to name a few! Determining a method that works well for you is vital to your success and maintaining the weight loss for the long term. These Noom coaches have a wide background and expertise in areas such as psychology, social work, Kinesiology, nutrition, exercise physiology, personal training, and strive to assist you in the most effective way possible on your path to weight loss, or whatever your goals may be!

Benefit from expert advice & a psychology-based curriculum

A “diet plan” provides limited information and may not be reasonable for everyone looking to lose weight in a safe and sustainable way. Noom’s main focus is to provide psychology-based principles in a means that can be applied to everyday life. These tips and principles are developed from science-based evidence by experts in the field and can then be used to develop reasonable behavior modifications and goals according to your life and routine. Researchers and #Noomnerds work diligently behind the scenes to break down these scientific studies and present them daily in a creative way to spark that enthusiasm and inspiration even when obstacles arise. Be sure to engage in the curriculum that Noom has to offer as it adds a unique layer of motivation to your weight loss beyond anything a diet plan may provide.

The bottom line

As simple and tempting as following one of the many “diet plans” out there is, chances are it will not be effective in the long term! Sustainable weight loss takes time and it is vital to dig deeper to discover the behavior changes that need to be made to develop these long-term modifications and create a healthier lifestyle. With the combination of group coaching, one on one individualized coaching, and behavior change technique, Noom offers the needed support and psychological tips to discover your weight loss goals. Check out Noom today and find out how to lose weight for good!