Ten Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories

by | May 26, 2015 | Last updated Mar 22, 2023

It’s easy for weight gain to sneak up on us. A cookie here, a cocktail there — sometimes it’s hard to keep track! Read below for 10 easy ways to cut 100 calories from your routine and get a jumpstart on your healthy diet plan.

1. Enjoying a glass of orange juice every morning?

One glass of orange juice contains 110 calories and 21 grams of sugar! (That’s almost 80% of the recommended daily value!) Swap your liquid for a fresh orange and glass of water. You’ll still get the sweet taste and all the nutritional benefits but with only ⅓ of the calories.

2. There are many benefits to healthy oils.

But cooking with them can add up. Instead of using olive oil, try coating your pan in a low-fat chicken broth to keep your veggies from sticking without compromising flavor. (Hint: use nonstick pans to prevent a stuck-on mess.)

3. Coffee lover? (Who isn’t?)

Beware — two tablespoons of half and half contain 40 calories. Multiply that by two cups of coffee and you’ve added 80 calories with one beverage only! If you can take it, try drinking your coffee black. If not, swap the half and half for skim milk and try adding cinnamon instead of sugar.

4. We don’t normally think of drinking calories but sodas and sports drinks can pack up to 180 calories per glass!

Instead of soda, make your own infused water, drink unsweetened iced tea or mix a glass of sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice for a sweet and carbonated treat.

5. Two slices of bacon total in around 85 calories while two sausage links come in at 160 calories.

Next time your eggs need a buddy, stick to the bacon. And remember, the crisper, the better. The more fat you cook out of your bacon, the healthier it becomes.

6. Craving a burger? Keep it simple.

Cut out cheese, bacon and fried onion additives — you could save yourself up to 400 calories!

7. Instead of having an entire candy bar which totals in around 250 calories, opt for it’s miniature companion.

A miniature Reese’s cup has only 45 calories while a Hershey’s kiss has only 22 calories.

8. If you love to bake but can’t fathom how it can fit into a healthy lifestyle, try modifying your recipes.

Swap sour cream for fat-free greek yogurt, sugar for applesauce or 2 egg whites for one whole egg. (Link back to Noom Facebook)

9. Time for a night out on the town? Steer clear of cocktails.

Sugary drinks can top in at over 200 calories a pop. Opt for a vodka soda (tonic water is loaded with sugar) or a glass of red wine.

10. If you’re a bagel lover, try subbing in a toasted english muffin.

For bonus points, top with a tablespoon of peanut butter or low-fat cream-cheese instead of the full-fat stuff for a healthy and filling breakfast.

Diet plans can seem difficult and it would be great if there was a trick to lose weight fast. But with a couple of tips and tricks, you can immediately adjust your weight loss diet plan to begin your healthy lifestyle.