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Slim and Sassy Weight Loss Program: What does the evidence say?

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

A catchy title: check.
Metabolism boosting products: check.
Appetite curbing capsules: check.
Energy producing pills: check.
Digestion support doses: check.
Dietary restrictions: check.
Too-good-to-be-true client success stories: triple check.

Sounds like the plan for success! Here’s the catch; claiming to be a lifestyle change, Slim and Sassy Weight Loss Program is anything but a lifestyle change. It is another money sucking phenomenon, contributing to the billions of dollars spent on dieting and supplements each year.

The Slim and Sassy Weight Loss Program does have some positive aspects to it. While the products used to participate in the program serve little purpose when it comes to weight loss, the guidance and philosophy behind structure have some similarities, but also some differences, to Noom’s philosophies. Let’s compare the two, shall we?

Noom Nutrition vs. Slim and Sassy Satiety

When it comes to what you can and cannot eat when participating in Noom, there are no restrictions. There are no lists to follow of banned items to leave you feeling deprived. The focus of eating with Noom is all about how to eat your favorite foods in a more mindful way. Noom thrives on eating a large variety of foods, not only to promote well rounded nutrition, but having the understanding that sometimes life happens and you don’t have to change every single bite.

Noom truly focuses on the basics of nutrition, most have forgotten all about. Relearning about the different food groups, serving sizes and how to time your meals and snacks with your schedule. Everyone is different, so everyone should eat slightly different. The basics of nutrition is also a part of the Slim and Sassy nutrition guidance. Providing educational resources for clients to rework their portion sizes, while focusing on choosing nutrient dense, whole foods.

On the flip side, there is a restriction list when it comes to the Slim and Sassy Weight Loss Program. Cutting back on high calorie beverages, such as alcohol and pop and focusing on hydration. This is something I can get on board with, as these items can really pack on the calories and pounds. However, when it comes to hydration, you must have 5 servings of the Slim and Sassy blend to promote energy and metabolism ramping. Another unnecessary product made to believe to magically adjust the way your body digests food and responds to mood and energy. One of the many products that steer me away to believing this program is anything but a lifestyle change.

A few other items off limits in the Slim and Sassy weight loss program include white sugar, dairy fats, white flour, white rice, potatoes and bananas. It baffles me how many diets ban potatoes and bananas. Both items being a great source of potassium, it is misconstrued they both have high levels of sugar. Let’s be clear, the sugar found in bananas is not the same sugar found in sweets and candy. Any diet plan that bans any sort of fruit or vegetable usually does not have a strong understanding of nutrition.

Noom Nerds vs. Slim and Sassy Scribblers

As mentioned before, the Slim and Sassy Weight Loss Program focuses on the basics of nutrition, such as portion sizes and food groups. The program provides infographics to educate dieters on serving sizes and how to get more of a variety in their diet. And that is the end of the educational piece.

What many weight loss programs lack is education. Anyone can follow a list of foods to eat and not eat, but it takes truly learning about the body and its response to food, timing of food, exercise, emotion, etc. to maintain weight and a healthy lifestyle. The Noom Nerds behind Noom’s curriculum put a witty spin on the daily content. You wonder where I get it from! Every day, app users are engaged in learning #psychtricks to really dive into the ‘why’ of their choices. Grasping why we make decisions help us determine what behaviors need to be modified in order to find a balance.

Each week, the curriculum is structured to have a theme. Noomers dive deep into physical activity, how hydration and sleep affect weight, what it means to be mindful and so much more. Every day, there is something new to apply to the weight loss journey; which can sound a bit overwhelming and intimidating. But the beauty of the Noom app is the content is written in a way for readers to only spend 5-10 minutes each day diving head first into behavior modification. Also, you can go at your own pace and you are never alone in this process.

Noom Support vs. No-support Slim and Sassy

Along with the fun-fact-filled curriculum comes Noom support. Not only does Noom provide you with TWO personal coaches, but you also have the opportunity to embark on this journey with other app users. The puzzle piece of support other diet programs are missing is what helps Noomers stay committed and engaged beyond the program.

As mentioned, each app user receives not 1, but 2 coaches. The first being the goal specialist. This goal provides one-on-one communication within the app to help you create weekly goals. The idea behind weekly goals stems from how achievable the overall goal can be. Every person who starts a weight loss program has a big picture goal, to lose a certain amount of weight. And for some, that can be a very daunting number. Sometimes, it’s the overall goal that makes dieters throw in the towel. The mindset of “I’ll never get there, it’s too far away” takes over. Noom has found, breaking down that goal into smaller, more achievable goals, helps you conquer milestones. Each goal does not have to be a number on the scale, but more around what you’ll be changing during that time frame – modifying meals, adding exercise, finding time for self care. The sky’s the limit!

The second coach to come along in your journey is the group coach. This is where the support and engagement of fellow Noomers come into play. By having interactions with other app users, everyone in the group is able to relate to one another. This provides a-whole-nother level of support. Being able to celebrate each other’s wins and helping each other hurdle challenges increase the chances of being successful. Feel like throwing in the towel? Turn to the group to pick you up! Crushed your goal for the week? Celebrate with the team! Having support at every turn in the app sets Noomers up for success.

Now, compared to the Slim and Sassy Weight Loss program, not much support is provided. Signing up for this plan gives you resources, but no human interaction. No one to really turn to other than customer service to help with product orders. With this structure, you are on your own to start, tackle and finish the program.

Noomy & Nimble or Slim & Sassy: Which is right for you?

When it comes down to comparing what Noom provides versus other dieting programs, there are three things that come to mind:

  1. Education: daily content to learn how to modify behaviors, not only right now, but for a lifetime
  2. Support: Noom will always have your back when times get tough and celebrate your victories
  3. Sustainability: diets have a beginning and end, Noom carries on through lifestyle changes

The diet industry has the public believing there are all these secrets and magical ways to lose weight. But when it comes down to it, the real secret is, there are no secrets! There are no magical products out there that will automatically help your body lose and keep off weight, though that is what the Slim and Sassy Weight Loss Program wants you to believe. Weight loss is not just about what you are eating, it is also about attitude, self-care and desire. That feeling you had on day one of beginning to lose weight? Noom will remind you to hold onto that perseverance throughout not only this program, but beyond. Sometimes, life gets in the way. With Noom, slip-ups happen and you learn from them. Though sometimes our minds crave certain sugary or salty items, our bodies will always crave health and wellness. You just have to dig it up! And Noom will help you dig deep.

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Author: Maggie Hudspeth, RDN