Should you try a 100 day weight loss plan?

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Cecilia Snyder, MS, RD

If you’re taking a look at this article… chances are you might be wondering if it’s true. Can you really lose a significant amount of weight in just 100 days? Sure you can. Don’t believe me? Take it from Lakeisha then! A few years ago, Lakeisha was wondering what it feels like to completely change your life around. So she started out on a journey to lose weight and find her true self at the same time. She powered through day after day in the gym. And after the first 100 days of this journey, she’d already lost 18 pounds. After the first year, she had lost 51 pounds and counting. But most importantly, by making these healthy lifestyle changes, Lakeisha was able to boost her self-esteem and fall in love with herself again.  

Was a Lakeisha’s 100 day transformation a stroke of luck, a twist of fate? Could you yourself make these same types of changes in just 100 days? If we were to Marga, she would say that you can! For Marga, what started out as a new year’s resolution to eat healthier and exercise daily quickly turned into a 100 day challenge that included eliminating meats, sweets, cheese, and alcohol completely. Marga ended up losing 30 pounds by the 100 day mark.

How do 100 day weight loss plans really work?

I think it’s safe to say that both of these individuals accomplished amazing things in just 100 days. Their stories are inspirational and really go to show that making big lifestyle changes is very possible. But something else you might notice about each of these stories is that both Lakeisha and Marga ended their initial 100 day challenges by saying that their journeys were not over yet, and that they still had a lot to learn and do moving forward. Makes sense, right? And with that kind of determination, it’s no wonder they were able to make such powerful changes in 100 days! So what’s the catch… how do we all find that same level of success as Lakeisha and Marga? Well the truth is, there’s no certainly no magic pill or 100 day weight loss plan that will work for absolutely everybody. We are all different when it comes to health and weight loss. So often times, the key is finding those sustainable habits and solutions that work best for you and your personal circumstances.

For example, Lakeisha and Marga were each able to spend a significant amount of time in the gym each day. And did you watch Marga’s youtube video? Because let me just go ahead and say that her meal prep routine was on-point. But habits like these–working out daily and prepping all of your meals–they just don’t work for everybody. What if your work schedule, family obligations, or other restrictions get in the way? What if you find yourself feeling like there is no way possible that you could ever figure all of this out in just 100 days? That’s where a more sustainable approach to losing weight and keeping it off for good comes into the picture.

Like Noom, for example. The Noom program uses a combination of daily articles, tools like meal logging, and personalized health coaching to help people overcome their own barriers and find the solutions that are right for them. Now don’t get me wrong… challenging yourself to reach new heights is never a bad thing. But while a 100 day challenge can only help you leave the starting line, the long-lasting changes that Noom will help you make are what will bring you to the finish line.

Let’s dig a little deeper…     

How to lose weight in 100 days? Let me count the ways…

So what’s the deal with 100 day weight loss plans, anyway? Where did they come from and what makes “100” days so special? It’s a little bit unclear, but what is clear is that there are hundreds of different ways to approach these types of weight loss plans and challenges. Lakeisha used the GiveIt100 approach. GiveIt100 was a pretty popular, but now-inactive, website that encouraged people to film themselves for ten seconds each day practicing a new behavior they were working on as a way to see a snapshot of just how much it is possible to achieve in 100 days.     

But GiveIt100 isn’t the only 100 day plan that has gained steam in recent years. It seems like there are new 100 day weight loss suggestions popping up constantly these days. Registered Nurse Linda Spangle has written an entire book on the topic. And in a success story posted by Pritikin Longevity Center of Miami, FL, the center tells the story of Joel Hector from Calgary, Canada, who lost “100 pounds in as many days” by following the Pritikin diet, working together with their staff, and exercising daily. Now I’ve got to step in here, because 100 pounds in 100 days might sound great on the surface, but weight loss at that fast of a rate can actually be really dangerous to your health. Plus, according to the CDC, research shows that people who lose one to two pounds of weight loss per week are more likely to keep it off good. Which means that in 100 days, most people could realistically expect to lose between 15 and 30 pounds.

And if one of the plans above doesn’t provide enough guidance on how to lose weight in 100 days, don’t worry, there’s more. You’ve also got:

  • The LIVESTRONG approach to losing 40 pounds in 100 days
  • The Primer Magazine fitness approach
  • The 100 Days to Beach Bod challenge
  • The #MyFit100Days challenge
  • And enough 30, 90, and 100 day weight loss challenge ideas on Pinterest to keep you busy for 100 years

Will your 100 day weight loss stick?

Let’s get down to the bottom of things. A 100 day weight loss plan could be a great way to kickstart some of the healthy lifestyle changes you’d like to make. And seeing such quick results might help encourage you to stick with it. But at the end of the day… a plan like this will likely leave you with a lot of questions unanswered. And if you are looking ahead to what your life might look like one year from now, five years from now, or even 50 years from now… chances are that after those initial 100 days, you are going to find yourself wondering where to go next.

The good news is, with a program like Noom, you can still learn how to lose weight and reach your health goals within the first 100 days. But you can also keep that progress coming in the second 100 days, the third 100 days, and each and every day after!   

The 100 day weight loss plan vs. Noom

Take a look at one of our Noomers Matt’s success story, for example. Matt had already tried tons of different fad diets (low-carb, no sugar, vegetarian, juice fast, etc.) before he ever came to Noom. And he even found success with some of those diets, losing up to five or ten pounds each time. So he was genuinely surprised when he first came to Noom and learned how different it could be from the other diet plans he had tried in the past. What made this journey different? Well, according to Matt, he learned how to continue enjoying his favorite foods without feeling like he had to restrict or demonize those. He also learned about new topics like mindfulness and Noom’s own psych-tricks. But Matt went on to say that, for him, the most valuable piece of the Noom program was having his very own health coach in his corner day after day to provide guidance and motivation.   

In the end, Matt lost a total of about 65 pounds during his eight-month subscription with Noom. But even more than that, he increased his energy levels, he said that he now feels happier overall, and he has learned how to stop dieting for good. Matt hit the nail on the head and summed up his success story with this final quote, “Don’t get me wrong. Weight loss is hard! If you are reading this and looking for a quick fix that’s going to take you from obese to a rock-hard beach body in 30 days, this isn’t it. (Also, that doesn’t exist.. anywhere!)”

Are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime? Get in the know with Noom!

We looked at some pretty inspiring stories in this article. If they left you feeling ready to begin making some of these transformations for yourself, hop on over to the Noom app to learn more and start your free trial today. Remind yourself that a healthy lifestyle that has no limits.  And challenge yourself to find solutions that you won’t want to stop after the first 100 days.