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Rise & Grind: How to Get Motivated for a Morning Workout

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Addicted to hitting your alarm’s snooze button in the morning? Not everyone can be a morning person. For many of us, it’s hard enough to motivate ourselves to get out of our warm, cozy beds, let alone think about tackling an early morning workout.

The truth is, there are significant benefits to working out in the morning. Studies show that morning workouts can reduce your blood pressure, improve your sleep cycle, and enhance your mood for the remainder of the day (hurray endorphins!).

Exercising in the morning also means getting your workout out of the way. Throughout the day obstacles may arise that can put your workout on the back burner and distract you from your health goals. These strategies can help you keep your hands off your snooze button and develop sustainable morning exercise habits.

Make peace with your alarm

Your morning alarm doesn’t have to be the enemy! Instead of dreading that incessant buzz that wakes you up, opt for an upbeat, motivating song in the morning. You may find that something as simple as switching up the sound brightens your morning mood.

Need some extra incentive to throw off the covers? Put some space between you and your wake up call. Set up your alarm clock in a location that requires you to get out of bed to turn it off. Just getting yourself up and moving can make the task of exercising seem much more doable.

Wake up prepared

If you have your sights set on a morning workout, it helps to do as much preparation as possible the night before. Lay out your exercise clothes, shoes, and gear by your bedroom door. Fill up a water bottle and store it in the fridge, charge your iPoddo whatever you need to do to keep yourself from scrambling in the morning. With everything at arm’s reach, you’re more likely to make it to your fitness class on time.

If you require some extra motivation, don’t be afraid to write yourself a note and keep it next to your bed. Write down an inspirational quote or remind yourself of your goals and list out the ways that this workout can help you achieve them.

Use the buddy system

There is power in numbers! Make your morning workout a social affair by inviting a friend to join you. You’re less likely to back out of a workout if you have someone waiting on you. Add some extra incentive by pre-paying for a fitness class.

Can’t find someone to power through a 6:00 AM spin class with? Post about your plans on social media. Once you make your workout plans public, it will become harder to not follow through with them.

When all else fails, nothing quite motivates you for a workout like a good night’s sleep. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep can change your attitude and make it easier to rise and grind!

What tricks do you use to motivate yourself for a morning workout? Comment below!