Noomers’ food and drink on Super Bowl Sunday depended on these three things

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Last updated Apr 17, 2023

Super Bowl Sunday might bring to mind chicken wings, beer, and party snacks, but is that always the case for everyone? Turns out that Noomers ate and drank differently on Super Bowl Sunday depending on whether they were in the winning city or losing city, whether they were male or female, and whether it was a COVID or pre-COVID Super Bowl.

Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City

Noomers in the winning city (Tampa Bay) celebrated with alcoholic drinks. Their drink of choice was wine — 39% of those who drank on that day in Tampa Bay had wine, compared to just 29% for Kansas City. And it wasn’t just wine. Tampa Bay had 4x as many Noomers logging vodka than Kansas City, meaning people were celebrating with a variety of alcoholic drinks.

Kansas City, on the other hand, seems to have kept their health goals in mind better. Kansas City Noomers consumed more light versions of beer than Tampa Bay Noomers (28% vs. 15%).

Rather than drinks, Kansas City drowned their sorrows in sweets — they ate more chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and brownies than Tampa Bay.

Men vs. women

The most popular party food for women was tortilla chips, followed by chocolate chip cookies, french fries, ranch dressing, chicken wings, and crackers. On the other hand, for men, chicken wings were the clear favorite, followed by tortilla chips, pizza, french fries, chocolate chip cookies, and potato chips.

The drink of choice for women was red wine, followed by white wine, orange juice, beer, coke, and vodka. For men, the clear winner was beer, followed by red wine, orange juice, white wine, coke, and vodka.

COVID vs. pre-COVID Super Bowl

Even though Noomers couldn’t go to their usual Super Bowl parties, almost the same percentage of Noomers logged food on Super Bowl Sunday this year compared to last year.

Last year, the winning team’s city logged much less food than the losing team’s city (8% to 20%). This year, logging was almost identical in Kansas City and Tampa Bay. Perhaps Noomers in the winning team’s city wouldn’t attend the usual post-game celebrations and were active on Noom instead!

Does this match your experience on Super Bowl Sunday? Let us know!