Noomer Progress Story: Justin Harding

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Justin, an Australian Noomer, gained nearly 100 pounds when he moved from tropical Queensland to Canberra, a colder area of the country. He was constantly out of breath, had high blood pressure, and was experiencing severe back pain from a previous spinal injury. He tried other weight loss programs but didn’t feel they empowered him enough in the weight loss process.
Justin found starting the process with Noom simple: he just needed to create a calorie budget, stick to it, and results would come. In the beginning, he was losing up to 4.5 pounds per week! To keep up with his hunger, he stocked up on loads of salad greens and steamed vegetables. He also gave up alcohol entirely for seven months. Justin says even he was surprised by his level of self-discipline. The most difficult realization for him was that he could no longer whatever and however much he wanted.
Justin has been logging every single meal since September 2013 and expects he will continue food logging for the rest of his life. He realized how easily extra calories were sneaking into his foods, drinking full fat milk or eating fried potatoes instead of boiled. Now that he’s lost 70 pounds, the steady loss has slowed, but he’s determined to stick with it. He plans to drop another 20 pounds, but isn’t hurrying the process.
Justin says that his best advice to those trying to lose weight to keep track of meals as consistently as possible. “Balance the advantages of weight loss over the long haul against the momentary gratification of eating that donut,” he says. Meditation has also helped Justin to stay focused and calm.
Justin lives by the motto: “The journey of 1000 miles begins with but a single step.” With all of his success, “I feel comfortable in my own skin again,” he says. Congratulations Justin!