Non-Scale Victories: 10 Ways to Celebrate Your Progress (Without a Scale!)

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Taylor Bathel

Chances are, you joined Noom to lose weight. But guess what we don’t want you hyper-focused on? Your weight. We know this sounds a little backwards, so allow us to explain. 

Your weight provides fantastic data of course, but it will never measure all the ways you’re transforming your mind, body and spirit into a better you during this journey. If the scale is the only way you’re gauging success, you’re essentially staring at a single star instead of taking in the whole magnificent night sky.   

Don’t miss out on your sky, #NoomNation. Here’s how to take it all in:

1. Inches

It’s normal for weight to fluctuate up to 4 lbs in a single day. A more objective measurement: inches! Measure yourself every few weeks — waist, thighs, arms, etc. — and watch them add up.

2. Energy

How do you feel throughout the day? How is your performance at work, your stamina with your children, or your ability to exercise after a long day? That’s what we call energy!

3. Skin

With eating more whole foods comes a flood of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Some people notice a healthy glow, extra hydration, or reduced breakouts.

4. Clothes

Can you button your jeans easier? Is your jacket a bit loose when zipped? Do you fit into something you didn’t a month or two ago? Celebrate feeling more comfortable in your clothes.

5. Mood

Do you have a little more pep in your step? Experiencing less mood swings? Certain vitamins in whole foods and exercise can boost your mood!

6. Confidence

Do you feel more capable and able to succeed in other areas of life? Did you rock that new dress? Are you kinder when you look in the mirror? Take inventory about how you feel about yourself — from the inside, out!

7. Digestion

Are you feeling more regular, less bloated, experiencing less heartburn? Your digestion can be positively impacted by seemingly small things like reducing nighttime snacking, adding more water, and sleeping more.

8. Overall physical health

Have you visited your doctor lately? You may be amazed to learn that your blood pressure has dropped or your blood sugars have steadied. These small health wins reduce your risk for developing a major disease!

9. Endurance

Are you able to take the stairs without feeling as winded? Can you carry in your groceries no-big-deal now? Just getting in your daily steps will show these results! 

10. Grit

Are you having a tough week, but still logging all your meals? Didn’t meet your weekly goal, but you’re trying again next week? Celebrate your ability to just keep going, even in the face of challenges, plateaus, and inevitable moments of frustration.