My Fitness Coach: Can it really help you lose weight?

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Last updated Nov 29, 2022

Health and fitness products have made their way into almost every market from supplements to clothing… but now, video games? That’s right! My Fitness Coach is a game that has been on the market for the past ten years and is still a go-to for individuals looking for an easy and accessible weight loss program.

Although it is affordable and accessible, there are many aspects to consider when deciding if a program is right for you. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should skip on the video games and focus on lasting and sustainable behavior change with Noom.

My Fitness Coach is good (in concept)

At first glance, this game may sound like it offers the perfect fitness solution for those individuals looking for easy and accessible fitness routines. Getting into specifics of the game, users can select fitness goals, areas of the body they would like to focus on, and program a schedule for workouts. They are then accompanied by a computerized fitness coach on screen, who leads the workout routines.

One issue that arises is that the game doesn’t provide feedback or guidance for goal setting. Without setting small and specific goals around things such as fitness, the journey can become overwhelming and frustrating. Add to that a computerized fitness coach who can’t offer individualized feedback and motivation and the effectiveness of this game is short-lived.

At Noom, your personal coach will be able to give useful feedback and support throughout your journey. We understand that motivation comes and goes but finding deeper meanings and ways to connect your goals with small action steps each day can ensure you are on a sustainable and successful path!

One piece of the puzzle

My Fitness Coach is simply one piece of the weight loss puzzle. It only offers exercise routines which by themselves have proven ineffective for sustainable weight loss. Without combining exercise with sustainable nutrition and support, the journey can be far more difficult. The community aspect of any health/behavior change shouldn’t be overlooked. Sharing a weight loss journey with others can allow you to build relationships as well as work through difficulties that will come along the way.

The Noom app allows for a perfect balance of sustainable nutrition, exercise, and goal setting. The feedback and individualized nature of the Noom program ensures that you are in the driver’s seat and that the areas you focus on are important to you.

While My Fitness Coach is a great idea to help individuals get more active at home, it misses the mark on providing useful support and feedback. Noom combines all of these aspects to help guide you to your goals!