Meet Noom Health Coaches: 18 Tips to Have a Healthy Holiday

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Last updated Mar 17, 2023

Ever wonder how Noom health coaches find their healthy balance during the holidays?

Meet 18 Noom health coaches and read their best tips for enjoying a healthy, happy holiday!

Coach Monica

  1. Get your steps in early

Did you know you can get over 1000 steps in just ten minutes? Do it first thing in the morning. It’s a great time to set a healthy intention and plan ahead for your day. Enjoy your company and maybe even get some extra steps in by taking a walk with an old friend at your holiday party.

Coach Annice

  1. Set realistic intentions

Holidays are a time for family, friends, and fun! Be realistic about your intentions. It might be more realistic to set a specific intention to limit the portion of grandma’s famous apple pie rather than saying no to it altogether. It might also be more realistic to plan a fun, active family afternoon game  than to hit the gym for an hour. Have the holiday you can see yourself enjoying every year, for years to come.

Coach Pilar

  1. Don’t skip any meal

Many people skip the meal before a holiday party to “compensate” for the calories they’ll consume later. This usually backfires, though. By the time we allow ourselves to eat, our appetite is usually off the charts and we’re more likely to overindulge on delicious eats at the buffet table. Eat regularly throughout the day to keep your stomach satisfied and avoid overeating at any given meal.

Coach Kimberly

  1. Bring a healthy dessert to share

Instead of filling up on store-bought cakes and cookies this weekend, take a healthy dessert that everyone can enjoy. Bring a festive fruit salad or get creative in the kitchen and make a recipe with no added sugar.

Coach Kerry

  1. Take a plate and take a seat

Holiday parties usually mean tables filled with trays of food, platters of cookies, bags of chips, and more. It’s easy to stand over the buffet table and reach mindlessly without considering what or how much you’re eating. Grab a plate, put a single serving of what you really want on that plate, take a seat, and enjoy! Once you feel satisfied, toss it and enjoy the rest of the party.

Coach Mairi

  1. Engage your senses

Take it advantage of the variety of foods family and friends bring to the party to practice mindful eating. Taking the time to engage your senses while you eat and appreciate the new foods you’re experiencing can help you tune into your hunger and fullness cues, and also allow you to offer better compliments to those who brought the dishes! Being mindful with your food can really make a difference in both your enjoyment and satiety levels.

Coach Tiffany M.

  1. Take a timeout

Before you even think about having seconds take a 10 min timeout. Grab a glass of water, steer clear of the food tables, and chat with a friend. Give your stomach time tell your brain that you’re full and satisfied.

Coach Chelsea D.

  1. Create a new healthy tradition

This holiday, create a new tradition. Take a family walk by the beach or in the park, organize a friendly game of flag football with your friends, or have a contest to see who can create the healthiest (and of course, tastiest) version of a classic dish. Be creative think outside the box.

Coach Tracy M.

  1. Plan ahead for a special treat

You don’t need to skip every treat you’re offered during a holiday in order to stay on track! If you choose to have a treat, pick one that is really worth it to you ahead of time and skip the ones that you can “take or leave”. Stay focused on your long term goals, eat mindfully, and enjoy!

Coach Maryn

  1. Remember that food affects your mood

Food can make you feel energized or sluggish, fit or bloated, happy or irritable. There’s a direct correlation between what you eat and how you feel. If you want to feel energized and vibrant while celebrating, choose foods that will make you feel that way!!

Coach Lindsay A.

  1. Keep it simple with the booze

Instead of going for bottomless mimosas or bloody mary’s, opt for something that’s low in sugar and carbs. Sip on something simple like a vodka with soda water and a few squeezes of lemon or lime. Not only will you save on calories, but you also might spare yourself of a sugar-induced hangover the next day too.

Coach Sarah H.

  1. Don’t forget about H20

Often times the craziness of a holiday can have us forgetting about the basics, like staying hydrated! Keep a reusable water bottle in hand to encourage you to sip on water throughout the day. Make it festive by using a fun, holiday-themed container. Staying hydrated can also keep you from overdoing it on the booze and may even help keep hunger at bay.

Coach Tiffany J.

  1. Have some fun

Just because it’s a holiday, it doesn’t mean you have to spend the day firmly planted in a lawn chair. If you’re at a backyard party, get on up and play some yard games (frisbee, volleyball, or horseshoes are fun for everyone!) If you’re by the lake, throw a swimsuit on and jump on in! You’ll have some fun and you’ll burn a few extra few calories too!

Coach Lupe

  1. Pick ONE success strategy if you’re overwhelmed

If you’re feeling overwhelmed this holiday, picking one go-to strategy can help you focus, check it off as a success, feel accomplished, and enjoy the rest! Looking for an example? “I’ll feel good if I fill half my plate with veggies today.” Over time, you can incorporate more strategies to help you take on the holidays!

Coach Deborah

  1. Prioritize movement

Sure, it’s nice to kick your feet up when you have the chance, but you probably have some time to move more too! Find a new trail to explore, take that bike ride you’ve been talking about, trying a new workout class that’s gotten a lot of buzz, or hit the gym one extra time this week. Use your time wisely to fulfil your health goals and your relaxation needs!

Coach Carrie

  1. Focus on friends and family.

Who says holidays have to be centered around food? Be present and focus on your family and friends. Holidays are a great opportunity to enjoy human connection, catch up with loved ones, and make memories.

Coach Rebecca A.

  1. Let go of perfection

Your journey is about progress, not perfection. Your journey involves learning, exploring, experimenting, being flexible, and giving yourself grace. Refuse to beat yourself up for any of your choices during the holiday. Instead, celebrate what you did well and harness your lessons learned for the next opportunity.

Coach Mallori

  1. Reflect & NOOM-ify

At Noom, we’re all about finding a healthy balance and making this lifestyle sustainable. At the end of your holiday, take some time to think about how you handled this holiday differently than you have in the past. Give yourself props for the effort you put in, and pick one thing you want to work in next time. That way, you’ll be ahead of the game for the holiday and make even more progress the next time.

So what will it be? How will YOU have a healthy holiday?