Meet Noom Health Coaches: 45 Favorite Self-Care Practices

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Ever wonder how our health coaches practice what they preach? We asked some of our coaches to share their favorite self-care practices and here’s what they had to say!

Coach Alexandra D.
Unplug before bed
I make sure to turn off all electronics at least an hour before I go to bed. It helps boost my sleep quality and turn my brain off!

Coach Allison F.
Taking a brief moment to wrap my arms around myself and take a deep breath, provides my mind and body with a sense of comfort when I feel stressed. I also like to take this opportunity to tell myself something positive like, “I am capable of amazing things!”

Coach Amanda L.
Get outdoors with a 4-legged friends
Each evening, my favorite activity is to take my dogs for a walk, leaving electronics behind! Enjoying nature and time with my fur babies instantly puts me at ease and brings joy into my life.

Coach Amanda P.
Plant something
Depending on the season, I’ll take some time to plant something — a tree, flower, or succulent in a pot or outside so I can watch it grow. It gives me peace and serenity!

Coach Andrea M.
Set aside quiet time
I try to spend some quiet time in the mornings. I drink a cup of tea and read a daily reflection. I sit next to the window and just enjoy being in the moment and reflecting on the reading. This time sets the tone for my day.

Coach Annice D.
Planning out the upcoming day before I go to bed helps me ensure I’m making time for what matters most, for anything important — including my health! Priorities are different for everyone, but for me it’s making time to explore self-awareness, exercising, and family time.

Coach Caitlin C.
Write it out
I love to keep a notepad in the drawer of my bedside table so that if I have anything I don’t want to forget the next day, I can write it down instead of allowing it to linger in my mind and impact my sleep.

Coach Casey H.
Send love
I always like to send out random appreciation and love texts to my friends and family. Sometimes all we really need is to insert a little more love into our day (and those around us). We can all be the first drop that causes a ripple effect.

Coach Celina S.
Grab a book
I sometimes find “me” time nearly impossible to fit in during hectic weeks. When this happens, I make it a point to add “read” to my task list for the day to remind myself to make time for me. Once I’m into my book, I usually forget about any stressors and it’s a nice way to wind down for the evening.

Coach Chelsea D.
Foam roll
I like to roll away any stress and stiffness in my muscles with the use of a foam roll or tennis ball. Foam rolling reminds me that I can take care of my body!

Coach Christian A.
Get a little lost
After a long day, I like to walk with my dog and either let her lead the way or just follow the traffic lights to take a different path, rather than sticking to our normal route! It helps clear my mind and keep me from treating the walk like a chore that I’ve grown accustomed to.

Coach Christine D.
Do yoga
Yoga grounds me and reminds me of my strength and my connection to source energy and the people around me.

Coach Erin N.
Sing karaoke
… especially anything Mariah Carey or Destiny’s Child! Sometimes I’ll even use my brother’s recording studio equipment if it’s available.

Coach Hope C.
Recite positive affirmations
Take time out of your day to remind yourself how awesome you are. I’ll often slow myself down at my desk or in the car and just speak out loud about how loved and awesome I truly am. Instant mood booster!

Coach Jack G.
Strum it out
Picking up my ukulele for a few minutes is a great way to get my mind off things and a reminder to stop and listen to myself. It often helps me realize how I’m feeling in the moment by the sounds that I create.

Coach Jake H.
Engage my senses
Sometimes I need to remind myself to live in the moment, so I’ll focus on my five senses and experience life where I am, in the present — not dwell on possibilities and “what-ifs.”

Coach Jamie Q.
Laugh it out
When I’m stressed, I give myself permission to take a 5-10 minute break and watch, listen, or talk to someone that will make me laugh. Cat videos are my favorite!

Coach Jennifer B.
Positive self-talk
When I wake up, my mind automatically wants to stop me from going for a run; it tells me I’m too tired or running is so hard. I immediately remind myself of how good I feel after I run and for the rest of the day, and how bad I feel when I don’t.

Coach Jennifer K.
Walk it out
During my workday, I like to set reminders on my phone to get up each hour and walk around for a few minutes. This clears my head and helps me work at my best capacity!

Coach Katie H.
Rekindle your inspiration
One of my best self-care practices is rekindling my creativity and motivation by reading a book or watching a YouTube video of someone who inspires me. Watching them live out their dreams or reading their words of wisdom always feels like a friend giving me a pep talk. Don’t forget, friends can be a source of wisdom and inspiration too!

Coach Kaylee
I love to take a few minutes to journal about my day each day. It’s a great way to wind down and start processing any stressful emotions!

Coach Kelli M.
Just breathe
I often find my breathing gets sporadic when I am stressed. Taking just a couple minutes to focus on my breath can really clear my head and help me when it’s time to focus on my next task.

Coach Larissa C.
Get outside
When I’m in need of something to help me refocus and recharge, I make it a priority to get outside. This could be a quick walk in the sunshine or reading on the porch!

Coach Laurel W.
Write down intentions and successes
I keep a journal and write down my intentions in the mornings and what went well in the evening. It’s my favorite way to unwind and free write about whatever happened that day.

Coach Lauren B.
Talk to yourself with love
Be gentle with yourself. I often find that it’s easy to feel guilty when taking a rest day, but I usually feel much better and even more motivated and energetic after.

Coach Lauren L.
Express gratitude
I start and end my day with gratitude, making note of it for myself and setting visual goals to make the next day better!

Coach Lauren M.
Smile (on purpose)
Moving the muscles in your face by intentionally smiling in the mirror first thing in the morning is a great practice. Seeing yourself smile boosts your mood, and promotes joy and happiness to start your day!

Coach Lindsey M.
Crank it up and dance it out
Music is the cure all for me! I have playlists for different moods and I pop on my headphones, crank up my music, and more often than not, a spontaneous dance party ensues. It helps me focus on the present and not take myself so seriously. I can always tell if it’s been too long since I’ve cranked up my tunes.

Coach Lisa C.
Move every day
Even if it is just a 15 minute at home yoga practice or walking my kids to the park, moving helps me think more clearly and have more energy.

Coach Lisa M.
Soak in the bathtub
Once or twice a week I’ll fill my bathtub with warm water and bubbles or salts. Sometimes I’ll keep it quiet and other times I’ll listen to music or my favorite podcast. It slows me down, relaxes my muscles and joints, and gives me a moment of solitude within a busy day.  

Coach Lori L.
I practice Vedic meditation for 20 minutes twice a day. It starts my day off in a calm and peaceful way, and in the afternoon, it recenters me and brings back my focus and intention for the rest of my day.

Coach Maryn
Start each day with a big glass of water
Getting a head start on hydration is an awesome way to revitalize your body after a good night’s sleep. Plus, this small act of putting your health first right at the start sets an awesome tone for the rest of the day!

Coach Nick G.
Stretch before bed
I like to take 10 minutes before I go to bed and do 3-4 different stretches. This helps my body downregulate, prepare to sleep, and recover from the day’s workout!

Coach Nicole B.
Start the day with meditation
I start every morning with a 10-minute meditation. It allows me to take time for myself and create a sense of balance internally before I start the day. I’m a mom too, so having time just for me is key in having a successful day.

Coach Nicole U.
Take a walk before bed
Every night before heading to bed, I go for a 5-10 minute walk (without electronics) to unwind from the day and choose 2 I was thankful in the last 24 hours.

Coach Olivia B.
After a relaxing shower, I like to take a few minutes for some self-massage with a small amount of coconut or avocado oil. After warming the oil a little between my palms, I start with my feet and work my way up. The oil “locks in” moisture on still-damp skin, helping to keep it hydrated. Oh, and the massage feels divine!

Coach Olympia Y.
Love my pups
Whether we’re playing or snuggling, I use my pup’s unconditional love to keep me living in the moment and to help heal a tough day. If you don’t have a companion animal of your own, consider volunteering to spread love at a rescue center — a real win-win!

Coach Rachael T.
Use the “special occasion” thing
Do you have a candle, bath bomb, snack, etc. that you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Dig it out and put it to use!

Coach Rebecca R.
Hug it out
Research shows physical contact helps to provide comfort, relieve stress and tension, and pass on positive energy. A hug, hand-holding, or a gentle squeeze from a loved one can make a huge difference, especially when the day feels overwhelming or heavy. Grab a friends, spouse, baby or pet and hug it out!

Coach Shakita B.
Light candles
I love to burn awesome scents when I work. The scent and burning flame support calmness.  I also make sure I work near a window when I work inside to get some sunlight and fight cabin fever.

Coach Sherry F.
Take a bath
When my body or mind are tired, I like to soak in a hot epsom salt bath. The salts are healing and relaxing.  

Coach Tia
Call an old friend
I always take the time to make a phone call to a friend or a loved one! It’s so refreshing to have a real conversation rather than sending a text message.

Coach Tonya L.
Embrace nature
When I feel stressed, I step outside for 5-15 minutes. I take a deep breath or a short walk to open my senses to the beautiful sights and sounds available to me. This is meditation at its best!

Coach Tracy M.
Get away
I try to take at least 10 minutes each day to listen to something I find relaxing. This could be watching a video of ocean waves on YouTube, or listening to a short guided meditation. These breaks feel like a mini vacation, and I always come back feeling refreshed!

Coach Trish T.
Check my posture
I try to give myself reminders throughout the day to draw my shoulders back, breathe, pull my head up, unclench my jaw, relax my face, and smile. Having a positive and strong posture can instantly increase your mood, your mind-body balance, and your attitude for the rest of the day!

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