Meet Noom Health Coaches: 24 Favorite Group Fitness Classes Across the Country

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Last updated Mar 17, 2023

Ask any one of our awesome health coaches, and they’d tell you that group fitness classes are a great way to switch up your routine, stay motivated, and meet friends with similar interests.

Need a little inspiration?

Today they’re sharing their favorite classes across the country!

Coach Adrienne

Vinyasa Yoga (at Sadhana Center for Yoga & Meditation): Vinyasa Yoga synchronizes breath and movement in a sequence of poses. I love to take a class Saturday morning — it sets a positive tone to my weekend. I always feel strong, centered, energized, and healthy afterwards. I also really enjoy the community aspect of this center — running into people I know and seeing new faces!

Coach Andrea

TRX (at TRX Training Center or your local gym): This fitness class focuses on utilizing the TRX suspension training system for a full-body workout, and is meant to improve flexibility, mobility, strength, power, core strength, and endurance. I love that this class because the level of difficulty can easily be adjusted, which lets me progress at my own pace. I also love that I work my core while doing other exercises.

Coach Chelsea D.

Plyoga (Any time, any place): Plyoga pairs plyometric intervals with yoga poses to build strength, and improve endurance, coordination, and flexibility. I feel so powerful when I do these dynamic bodyweight movements!

Coach Eliza

Community Hot Vinyasa (at YogaWorks): I love yoga studios that offer a variety of different classes, from beginner to advanced, normal and heated, at YogaWorks, I never get bored! The Community Hot Vinyasa class is my favorite because it pairs physically challenging poses with mindfulness practices. Plus, they are discounted, which allows more people the opportunity to practice. It’s the perfect end to my weekend — allowing me to put the stressors of the past week behind me, and start with a fresh perspective on Monday morning!

Coach Jack N.

Strength & Climb (at a local climbing gym): This class prepares us to be stronger and better climbers by doing circuits that test our grip strength, climbing endurance, and core. I found this class at my local climbing gym and absolutely loved it!

Coach Jaclyn

Circus Circuit Class (at Fit Factory): I LOVE Circus Circuit because it challenges me and allows me to define gravity — literally!  The class features aerial silks, pole fitness, and an aerial lyra hoop. It’s an aerial arts circuit class that focuses on working at your own pace and challenges each muscle in your body differently than you’re used to. I have so much fun that I almost forget I’m getting such a great workout! Being an aerialist helped me learn a ton about my body — from improving my balance to truly listening to my body!

Antigravity Yoga Class (at Fit Factory): Antigravity is super relaxing and enjoyable — comfy hammocks and calming music included! It’s a place I go to stretch my body, calm my mind, and feel totally at ease in a positive and loving environment. I usually go on Friday to help relieve any stress or frustration I experienced during the week!

Zumba Toning Class (at Dream Dance Fitness): This dance class is a great cardio and strength workout. There is always such positive energy, fun music, and plenty of laughs, and I tend to smile the whole time since I’m enjoying it so much! I especially love the class mottos: “there’s no mess ups, just unplanned solos” and “just keep moving.”

Coach Kimberly

Any class (at Orange Theory Fitness): Every day is a new workout at OTF! Each class is a 60-minute workout that involves heart rate-monitored interval training and group/personal training. You’ll switch between treadmills, rowing machines, suspension training, and free weights, while being guided by a high-energy trainer. I love being able to get a workout in that incorporates cardio and weight training. I always leave feeling refreshed and energized!

Coach Laura M

Signature FHIX (at The Fhitting Room): A challenging strength workout that always includes some high intensity interval training to get your heart pumping as you strengthen! Throughout the class, two instructors lead because they are sticklers on form and want to help clients avoid injury. The class also always includes group work as part of a circuit, so it’s a fun way to feel more connected to the group. Not to mention, their playlists are super motivating!

Coach Lexus

Pure Empower (at Pure Barre): The Empower class adds an extra challenge to the traditional Pure Barre class with a 6-inch step! It’s a great combination of strength and cardio, and the continuous repetitions challenge my strength, test my limit and push me mentally and physically. Even though barre is based around dance positions, I’m the worst dancer ever and am certain other people like me will love it too!

Coach Lisa

Yoga Sculpt (at Core Power Yoga): In the Yoga Sculpt class, muscle meets yoga! Yoga poses are combined with strength training exercises like squats, lunges and bicep curls.  I really love the combination of both yoga and muscle work — it’s a double whammy and total body workout for me! This class is also hot (90-93 degrees) so it’s an extra treat during long Minnesota winters.  

Step Plus Abs (at LA Fitness): For me step aerobics is like going to a dance class. Everyone marches to the same beat in unison and it’s a great way to unwind after a workday or get pumped up for the weekend! This workout always features awesome music and finishes with a great abdominal workout.  

Coach Megan

Adult Mixed Martial Arts (at PRO Martial Arts): I was growing bored of my “gym routine,” so I mixed it up with this martial arts class. It’s designed to all skill levels and teaches several variations of kicks and punches. Each class starts with a warm up and full-body stretch before jumping into fun kicking and punching exercises that work every muscle group!

Coach Monica

Meta Circuit (at Fitness in the City): This is my favorite workout because it combines high intensity circuit training with weight lifting for a super challenging and fun workout. The community here is also amazing — they really are a #fitfam!

Coach Nicole

Salsa Dancing (at Salsa Dance Studio): I do a lot of things — rock climbing, cycling, pilates, kettlebell training, and more, but salsa classes are by far my favorite. Dancing is a great combination of physical activity, fun, and socializing. It brings me so much joy that I often forget it counts towards physical activity!

Coach Sherry

Ripped (at YMCA): The Ripped combines cardio and strength through resistance, intervals, power, plyometrics, and endurance exercises. I really love this class because the variety makes the hour fly by and I leave knowing I’ve had a full body workout.  Warning: It might leave you shaky, sweaty, and feeling accomplished!

Coach Talene

Weightlifting Club (at CrossFit 520): Here you work with a personal coach on a strength training program that focuses on olympic weightlifting! I love that it challenges me to be extra aware of my body positioning and form, and how it directly affects any lift.

Coach Tamara

Water Aerobics & Deep-Water Walking (at any local indoor or outdoor pool): Water exercises are a great, low-impact way to get a full-body workout in, and most indoor/outdoor pools offer some type of water workout class! Water aerobics and deep-water walking are perfect for individuals of all fitness levels. These classes are refreshing and energizing, and my favorite way to stay active in a fun environment without aggravating some pre-existing injuries.

Coach Tiffany M

Bootcamp (at YMCA): Bootcamps are my favorite because of the dynamic moves that hit every muscle, allowing you to work on strength, agility, flexibility, speed, and balance all at once. Instructors are taught to lead this class for people of all abilities. There are always lots of variations for different fitness levels, so don’t fear it if you’re a beginner! This class that makes me feel strong and empowered afterwards, and like I’m part of a team throughout!

Paddleboard Yoga (at YMCA): This fun pool workout improves flexibility and core strength while you work on balance. Get a little sweaty? Fall in the pool and cool off! I love how it loosens me up and makes me feel like I’m walking on a cloud when class is over.

Zumba (at YMCA): Dancing, sweating, and smiling all at once! If you want to have some fun and burn some calories, Zumba is always the place to be. I love the way you can get lost in the music and it doesn’t even feel like exercise!

Coach Trisha

Pure Barre (at Pure Barre): I absolutely love that I can combine flexibility, muscle building and cardio all in one 55 minute session! And all levels of fitness can do this type of class since it’s low-impact, protecting your joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping. Each strength section of the workout is followed by a stretching section in order to create long, lean muscles.

Coach Yasmin A

Camp Crunch (at Crunch Fitness): Camp Crunch implements personal training and small group classes to create a fun, high energy, and challenging workout. It’s a circuit training style workout, and I love that the instructor will come to check on your form and ensure you’re getting personalized attention. It’s especially great for those to don’t like huge group fitness classes!