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A Message from Noom

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Last updated Mar 17, 2023

The information in this post is accurate as of August 2020.

I have spent the last 14 years building Noom with a great bunch of fellow Noomers because we care deeply about helping people lead healthier lives, and I am humbled in the knowledge that to date we have helped millions of people on this journey. This has only been possible through the relationship we have built with the entire Noom community. We love our customers and you hold us accountable to ensure we deliver on our promise of helping you build healthy habits.

Because of this, I want to directly address some of the recent attention around our cancellation and refund experience. While the vast majority of our users have had a positive experience using Noom, even a single bad experience is unacceptable. I want to state clearly: we take feedback from each and every Noom customer seriously, and we are committed to continually improving. To start, we’re significantly expanding the size of our customer support team and expanding the number of support channels where customers can reach us. 

Whether you’re in the first hour of your first day on Noom, or your 10th month with us—we want Noom to be the right choice for you. It’s okay if you decide Noom no longer works for you. We understand that things happen—maybe you forgot to cancel in time, or even realized that Noom is not for you a few days late. That’s okay. We employ thousands of passionate, full-time health coaches who work tirelessly to guide our users on their journeys, and who put their all into delivering on our promise of making the world a healthier place. They are also on standby to help guide you through a smooth cancellation process. Our support team is also available to help at programsupport@noom.com.

It is always our goal to be transparent and partner with you on improving the Noom experience. If you feel we have fallen short, please email me directly at saejujeong@noom.com.

Every day I am inspired by you—the Noom community. I am inspired both by your health journeys that show we are making a real difference in your lives, and by the feedback you give us to push us to always be better. We are privileged to learn from you, and to have the chance to improve the Noom experience to be the best it can be. That is who we are. Thank you for your support.

Saeju Jeong

CEO and Co-founder, Noom

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