7 Tips to Improve Your Self-Image

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Last updated Mar 14, 2023

Author: Anna Dajero

When it comes to boosting your body confidence, your biggest enemy isn’t your reflection in the mirror or the parts of your body that you perceive as “problem areas.”

Your true enemy lives right between your ears: your Inner Critic. 

And rather than trying to duke it out, we propose some more elegant (and effective) ways to silence your inner naysayer and feel more confident during every step of your health journey!

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1. Stop comparing yourself to others

While it’s easier said than done, comparing yourself to someone else is a shoowin way to feel  Every human is individual. Your body, your life experience, and your personality are unique to you.  And for those reasons, your body and your journey are incomparable to anyone else’s.

2. Focus on the positive

What are three things you love most about the way you look?  Rather than paying attention to your perceived flaws, start paying attention to the characteristics you love about yourself.  These are probably the things that stand out when others see you, too!

Here are a few physical examples:  

  • Long, thick hair
  • Shapely, athletic legs
  • Bright, beautiful eyes
  • Strong arms
  • Well-proportioned figure
  • Cute pedicure
  • A friendly, warm smile

3. Reframe self-loathing into self-love

Let’s look at an example. For someone who feels like they have manly, rough, and ugly hands, they can do the following:

  • Identify how this part of your body helps you to do things you like to do (hold your partner’s hands, give your child a high-five, drive your car, etc).
  • Cherish this body part by investing time into improving it (massage your hands gently while applying lotion to them and thanking them for all they do for you).  Get a manicure (or give yourself a home-manicure).
  • With some TLC, the appearance of your hands might improve and you’ll gain a sense of appreciation for them.

4. Up your self-care game

When you invest time and resources into yourself, you send a very clear message to yourself that you are valuable and worthwhile.  If your Inner Critic likes to get all judgy on you and tell you how you aren’t worthy of happiness, then the acts of self-care and prioritizing your needs can quiet your Inner Critic before you can say, “swedish massage.”

Yet, don’t think of self-care only as a “once-in-while” thing you do for yourself.  Self-care isn’t optional and it includes everything from getting a proper night’s rest and staying hydrated to whitening your teeth and plucking your eyebrows. Self-care will look different for everyone — there’s no “right way” to do it!

5. Explore a new hobby

Take some time to think about something you’d really love to explore and then schedule the time to do it!  One of the perks of living in the “information age” is that there are so many online classes where you can start to explore secret passions (like music, art, quilting, and more).  It’s possible to be a student of every aspect of life! While you do so, you’ll cultivate feelings of self-appreciation and strengthen your love for what you can do and who you are.

6. Set goals and celebrate your wins

Focusing on your health goals and sticking to them is kinda like kryptonite for low self -confidence.  So, set achievable goals and when you reach them, make sure you acknowledge yourself! It takes initiative, commitment, determination, and a willingness to believe in yourself to create new habits. Every step forward, no matter how small, is a win. Celebrate it! The wins will add up, and every time you show up for yourself, you’re letting your Inner Critic know who’s boss!

7. Dress in clothing that makes you feel good

How you dress has a significant impact on how you see yourself and how you feel in your body. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and make you feel like yourself is a shoowin way to . Check out this article for 10 Tips To Dress With Confidence During Your Weight Loss Journey.

Ultimately, loving what you see in the mirror isn’t about removing your perceived flaws. Instead, improving your self-image is truly about expressing yourself authentically and developing gratitude for everything that makes you uniquely you.