How Noom groups and coaches support users’ mental health: A look at two peer-reviewed studies

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

At Noom, we are always exploring ways to support users’ mental health. For Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to highlight two past peer-reviewed studies showing how Noom Healthy Weight helps users to feel socially connected and to understand and cope with their emotions

In one peer-reviewed study, we found that being connected to other Noomers in groups helps users to be successful. In groups, Noom users can post and comment in a small group of users who are all at similar points in their weight loss journey. This study found that the more support Noom users feel from their group, the more they post in the group, which leads to more weight loss. This means that feeling connected to a Noom group helps users to lose more weight, and that Noom is a place where these important social connections can take place. 

In another peer-reviewed study, we found that the support of Noom coaches helps users to cope with their emotions. Specifically, coaches help users to verbalize their emotions, gain awareness of where the emotions were coming from, and gain the confidence or context they need to cope with these emotions. Coaches help users not only to see why they were feeling a certain way, but also to gain insight into themselves, their emotions, or their progress, which boosts confidence. It “was frequently found across data that coaches offered a chance for users to disclose their thoughts and feelings regarding recent behavior change, along with associated challenges, to help them contextualize their experiences with respect to broader goals.” 

Take this exchange, in which the coach helped the user to dig into why she was feeling discouraged and how she could find more confidence. The user’s responses to the coach were removed for the sake of privacy: 

Coach: What was it that felt discouraging specifically about your food choices or eating habits? When I look at your tracker, you’re not doing too bad, especially for this point in the program. 
Coach: It’s great that you’re aware of how those foods give you confidence and comfort! What are other, non- food ways that you can find confidence and comfort?
Coach: Good for you looking for what might work – how about brainstorming a possible list of things for both during the school day and in the evening? I’ll start …

Noom coaches help users to cope with their emotions during the ups and downs of their journeys (for example, when they feel depressed or exhausted), and help them gain the tools they need to grow in self-awareness and realize the positive changes they’ve made so far. This is an overlooked but super important part of how Noom helps with users’ mental health as they do the hard work of making healthy lifestyle changes!