Get smarter with grocery shopping now

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Last updated Mar 16, 2023

Choosing is eat healthy is one thing, but actually following through while grocery shopping is a challenge of its own. It can be difficult to stick to your ideal diet if you don’t have a plan in hand as you head to the food store.
These four videos demonstrate different ways of health food shopping. Some demonstrate balance while others focus on getting the most (healthy) bang for your buck. From Walmart to Whole Foods, these videos should cover most of your food shopping questions. Take a look!

Healthy Essential Groceries Haul! via Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine is a fitness vlogger who admits to falling prey to less-healthy but still in-budget foods. In this video, she shows some of her grocery essentials to staying healthy, while still indulging just enough to stay sane.

Healthy $40 Grocery Haul For Work Week: Meal Plan Included! via Sarah Fit
Youtuber Sarah Fit breaks down her grocery haul by meal and explains the cost of each meal per day. She fit in almost every meal of the day for the full work week (including snacks) for under $40!

Grocery Store Secrets: How to Shop Healthy at Walmart via Natalie Hodson
If Walmart is your grocery of choice, this video is perfect for you. Natalie Hodson takes viewers through the store, explaining each of her options and how she picks the healthiest items for her family.

How To Eat Organic Healthy on a Budget! | Whole Foods via DearNatural85
If you’re aiming for eating as much organic food as possible, while still staying within a budget, DearNaptural85’s video is an awesome watch. She goes through her strategy for budget spending, and films her entire grocery ship to explain how she makes her food choices.