Get Organized and Plan Your Meals (Free Printable!)

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

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Picture this: you’ve had a long day at work, you get home late, and you’re tired. Do you want to spend time cooking a meal or have someone deliver it to your door? (It may cost you a bit more money, but the extra calories are free!) If you chose the latter, you’re in the majority. After a long day, preparing a meal can seem overly arduous. But lack of preparation can also lead to overeating. Lucky for you, we’ve got the solution: meal planning. Click our awesome meal planning printable on the left to help you plan your meals, snacks, and grocery lists.
There are numerous benefits to planning your meals ahead of time. By scheduling your meals in advance, you’re able to put more thought into what you eat, cook more, eat healthier food (according to the American Dietetic Association people consume 50% less calories, fat, and sodium when cooking at home than when eating out), save time, and reduce stress.
Meal planning also allows you to know exactly how many calories you can expend on each meal — this is what Noom is all about! Planning on going out for dinner? Track an estimate of what you’ll be eating (and drinking) so you can plan your other meals accordingly. If you know you want a burger for lunch, track it ahead of time. If it uses up your allotment of red food calories for the day, you can plan to have your breakfast and dinner be completely yellow and green.
Need ideas? Noom Pro has a stock of healthy recipes you can easily track with one click. Want to download the app to make planning your meals even easier? Download from the Google Play Store or App Store.