Creating a Meal Plan for Weight Loss? Here are 5 Crucial Pieces to Include

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Last updated Mar 16, 2023

Having a meal plan is very beneficial to a health and wellness journey as it allows for healthy options to be available during busy times. Many people feel overwhelmed when considering the idea of meal prepping or planning. Noom makes that obstacle feel more realistic and doable. The meal plan delivers a unique personalization and guidance to choosing foods that fit your dietary needs.

Along with the support of the meal plan for weight loss, Noom also offers five crucial aspects to assist with achieving your goals which include recipes, a state of the art logging system, psychology-based content, one-on-one coaching, and community support. Read on to discover the path to your weight loss goals!

A Structured Yet Flexible Meal Plan

Noom offers a program that offers a structured, organized plan that is easy to follow. Whatever your dietary needs or preferences, whether that be paleo, gluten, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or other specific restrictions, we meet you where you are.

Noom’s offers meal plan options for people looking for a little extra guidance, laying out a weekly plan that’s structured yet flexible. It provides a clear layout of how to balance your meals, and encourages you to include a variety of foods that you enjoy in your meal plans. Noom’s meal plans are created by experts in the field of nutrition who encourage a healthy, balanced diet that is also realistic and sustainable. Meal plans are offered for $59 at Noom (PS. we have exercise plans available for $39 too!). Along with your customizable meal plan, Noom offers the other tools you need to make your plan stick.

1. Variety

In addition to the personalized meal plan, Noom has a large selection of dietitian-approved recipes that are included in the app.Having this selection available makes deciding what to cook each day much simpler! Download Noom now to check out its database of recipes and start experimenting with some creative, simple meals to get a jumpstart on being the healthiest version of yourself. As you check out these recipes, Noom also encourages logging your food to create an awareness and mindfulness around your choices.

2. Access to a comprehensive food database

Noom has a large database of food that has been created by experts in the field and has its own team of nutritionists and Registered Dietitians who are constantly working to update and improve this information. Here is a detailed, inside look at the food database that Noom offers. Along with these amazing benefits, a recent study was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) Health and mHealth that discovered that Noom has the most accurate food calorie counter when compared to other apps such as MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, among others. Check out the study here!  Additionally, research has shown that successful weight loss maintainers continue to track their dietary intake and this has been linked to long term success with keeping that weight off. Noom encourages this food logging in order to become more aware of your food choices and consider why you are making the choices that you are, particularly in certain situations. Noting your hunger cues and satiety levels throughout the day is key to developing this mindfulness around your eating habits. While reflecting on your dietary patterns throughout the week with food logging, Noom also dives into those psychological aspects of our food choices.

3. Deeper self-awareness

Noom has created its own curriculum backed by behavior change principles and psychologists that is delivered each day in the app. This takes a deeper look into the reasons that we make certain choices and works to break down our behaviors into small, changeable actions as we create new habits week by week. These changes do not occur overnight and Noom understands that this is a long-term process. Check out the application’s #PsychTricks to overcome cravings, emotional eating habits, and develop those mindful eating tactics to a healthier you. As you engage in Noom’s psychology-based content, you will also receive support in the form of two coaches to help guide you on this journey.

4. Personalized coaching

As you use Noom, you will receive an individualized coach, known as a goal specialist, who works with you one on one to set small, weekly goals. This guidance and support from your goal specialist is an amazing benefit as it provides motivation and accountability as you work toward your Super Goal. As obstacles or challenges arise, your coach will work alongside you to brainstorm strategies and troubleshoot possible options to continue progressing and moving forward. If you thought this feature was unique, wait until you hear about the community support!

5. Support from a community

There are many other individuals on a similar journey to developing a healthier lifestyle and Noom has the pleasure of connecting this community in the app. Along with your goal specialist, you will receive a group coach who leads you with a group of fellow Noomers. This community is full of motivation, accountability, insight, tips, and wisdom to your path to losing weight.

These five aspects are key to discovering a healthy, realistic path to achieving your weight loss goals. As you embark on this journey, the meal plan is an excellent addition to assist with making healthy food choices. Check out Noom today to find out how to begin losing that weight for good!