Considering the Youngevity Weight Loss Program? Read this first

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Youngevity is a multi level marketing supplement company that was founded in 1997 by Dr. Joel Wallach. Youngevity began with the focus to produce and provide high quality mineral based supplements. The company has since branched off and began selling a host of supplements and products (103 pages of products based on their online shop). Products now include meal replacements, fat burners, appetite suppressants, and a host of mineral based supplements. Youngevity has experienced rapid growth and success based on its loyal followers and marketing focus. Along with this growth, Youngevity has also jumped on the weight loss train as they look to provide potential buyers with supplement based resources to help them reach their goal weight. Are the Youngevity weight loss plans a way for the company to make money, or a truly sustainable plan to losing weight? Let’s dive into the specifics of this plan and take a look.

Step 1: Supplements

After reviewing the Youngevity weight loss plan, it becomes clear that the main goal of this program is to sell supplements. The first step of the program is to purchase the Healthy Body Pak of supplements. This $130 supplement starter pack includes a multi vitamin, joint health powder, fatty acid supplement, and a fat burner.  A companion kit of five more supplements is also encouraged when starting the Youngevity weight loss plan. Now supplements can offer some benefit in any healthy lifestyle but supplements themselves do not contribute to weight loss and for that reason should not be the basis of a weight loss plan.

Step 2: Before photos

The next step on the healthy weight loss plan is to take starting photos and measurements to help track progress. This is a great step in any weight loss plan as it allows for baseline measurements to track progress against.

Step 3: Goal setting

We were pleasantly surprised to see the next step of goal setting. Followers are asked to set both 30 day and 90 day weight goals as well as a goal statement.  Followers are also encouraged to share their goals with others for an extra layer of accountability and motivation!

Step 4: Stick to the plan

The next step in the Youngevity weight loss plan again calls into question the sustainability and focus on this plan.  Followers of this plan are given a daily nutrition plan and an approved foods list. The daily nutrition plan encourages followers to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon snack. The problems begin when looking at the one page approved foods list. Followers are told that they should only eat foods off of the approved list for the duration of the program. Any program that restricts food choices, even if recommending healthy choices, is not sustainable. Sustainable food choices are those that fit into your life, schedule, and preference. The food list also has foods that should be completely removed from the diet including wheat, oats, deli meat, and skins of vegetables. Any weight loss plan that restricts or removes foods is a crash diet or an unsustainable unhealthy approach to weight loss.

Step 5: Keep track

The final step in the plan is to keep track. This means recording foods at each meal, water intake, and exercise. Logging and tracking can be extremely beneficial in a weight loss journey when the aim is to develop awareness and mindfulness around behaviors. In the case of the Youngevity program, logging is simply to ensure followers are sticking to the regimented supplement routine and limited food choices. This form of logging and tracking just reinforces unsustainability and a lack of mindfulness around healthy choices.

Youngevitiy lacks longevity After reviewing this program it is clear that the focus is not sustainable or empowering weight loss, but a regimented system to sell supplements. At Noom, we don’t believe there is a magic supplement or meal plan that will get you to your weight loss goals. We believe that YOU are the key in your weight loss journey! Focusing time on learning your habits, triggers, and preferences can allow you to create lasting change. We also know the importance of having individualized support from a personalized coach and a group of like minded individuals. Ditch the supplements and start your 14 day risk free Noom trial today!