BYOW: Full Body Strength Circuit

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

No time to work out? Lacking motivation? No access to a gym? Tired of the same old workout routine?

Introducing Noom’s Build Your Own Workout (BYOW) series to keep things fresh and shake up your routine.

Circuit training is a great way to get to get in a good workout in a time crunch. It involves repeating a series of exercises back to back with little to no rest. Circuits can be strength based (anaerobic), cardio based (aerobic), or a mix of the two.

This week we’re kicking things off with a BYO Full Body Strength Circuit Workout.

Choose one exercise from each muscle group (1-7). Complete each exercise 45 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. Once you’ve complete each exercise (one circuit), rest 1 minute. Complete a total of 3 rounds of your circuit and you’ll be done in under 20 minutes.

Most groups have at least one exercise that doesn’t require equipment, so you can take this workout with you wherever, whenever.

Let’s get to it!

1. Back

Lat pulldown (machine)
Reverse row (TRX)
Back extension

2. Triceps

Tricep pushdown (cable)
Overhead tricep extension (dumbbell/barbell)
Tricep dip

3. Shoulders

Lateral raise (dumbbell)
Overhead press (dumbbell/barbell)
Up-down plank

4. Biceps

Bicep curl (dumbbell/barbell/TRX)
Hammer curl (dumbbell/cable)
Assisted chin ups

5. Chest

Chest press (dumbbell/barbell)
Chest flyes (dumbbell)
Push ups

6. Legs

Step ups (dumbbell/barbell/no weight)
Alternating lunges (dumbbell/barbell/no weight)
Squats (dumbbell/barbell/no weight)

7. Core

Leg raises
Mountain climbers

Share your circuit in the comments below!

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