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BYOW: 15-minute Coffee Break Workout

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Time is one of the biggest barriers to exercise. Let’s face it, work, kids, spouses, houses; the endless responsibilities just take up all of our time! But, we can work in some exercises here and there that will add up, quickly.


By the time we get home from the office, it just seems like so much effort to get to the gym. Many of us are stuck in the mindset that working out has to be at a gym, it has to be for at least 60 minutes, and it has to be painful. But really, any activity counts! What better way to break up the work day than by incorporating some activity between tasks?


A great activity to start with is simply walking during the work hours. This can be done at lunch or broken up into smaller breaks throughout the day. This allows you to get moving, while giving your brain a rest so you can return more focused and ready to tackle the next task. Ask a coworker to join you! If you do two 15 minute walks, that’s 30 minutes of cardio! Check it off the to-do list.


Another way to get moving during a sedentary job, or at any point during the day, is to get up every hour for 5-10 minutes and MOVE! Here is an at-work-workout plan you can try in your office!


-Walk constantly for 5 minutes

-1 minute plank

-50 jumping jacks

-40 calf raises

-30 second wall sit

-20 squats

-10 push ups


Do this circuit at your desk, or get a group of coworkers to join you in the break room. If you do this once an hour, at a 9-5 job, you will have completed 8 circuits! Start off slow and try once every other hour, or start off by simply walking for 10 minutes every hour. Whatever gets you moving during office hours will add up by the end of the day! Who’s up for the challenge to get moving every hour?