8 Ways to Stay Active During the Holiday Season (Without a Gym!)

by | Dec 8, 2016 | Last updated Oct 4, 2022

Between shopping for presents, hosting relatives, cooking, and cleaning, it’s tough to find time to think, let alone make it to the gym.

Fortunately there are plenty of ways to stay active throughout your holiday festivities and prevent the “festive 15.” We’ve put together our top 8 tips to stay active during the holiday season — no gym required!

1. Forget Online Shopping

Nowadays holiday shopping is all too easy — you can get gifts for everyone on your list without even having to leave your bed! Make a list and head to the mall to do your shopping. A few hours out shopping is a few hours of walking!

2. Create a New Tradition

After a holiday dinner, does everyone tend to laze around the fire or gather around the table to play board games? Why not head out for a walk around the neighborhood instead? How about throwing a dance party in the living room? Shake things up this year (literally)!

3. Be Competitive

Family affairs are often associated with a healthy dose of competition. Put your money where your mouth is and challenge your relatives to a friendly game of indoor mini-golf or invite them over for some Dance Revolution!

4. Embrace the Season

There are tons of ways to get outside and keep active in the winter months! Take advantage and go skating, cross-country skiing, or tubing with your family or friends.

5. Get Starry Eyed

Every community seems have one area where the festive decorations rise above the rest! Find a hot spot, bundle up, and head out to take a walking tour to admire the flashing lights.

6. Channel Your Inner Child

Remember how much fun you had playing in the snow as a kit? Channel your inner snow enthusiast — make snow angels, design a snowman, build an igloo, or have a snowball fight! You don’t even need kids to have fun.

7. Find a Festive Event

From Jingle Jogs to Midnight Runs, with the holidays comes fitness festivities! Search your area for a fun run or walk in which to participate. Committing to an event is also a good incentive to stick to your activity routine.

8. Party Hard!

While parties can be full of finger foods and sugary drinks, they are also a great opportunity to get moving. Walk around and socialize, then get on up and dance! Grooving and shaking for just 30 minutes can have you burn over 150 calories. Working out never felt so fun!

Now how will you put those mashed potatoes to good use?!

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