8 Tips for a Healthier Vacation

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Last updated Oct 4, 2022

Author: Mikayla Martinez

Have you ever found yourself skipping right over the joy and excitement of an upcoming vacation, because you’ve headed straight to anxious and uneasy about not undoing all of the progress you’ve been making along this journey? You’ve been excited for all of the rest and relaxation, but that relaxation turns to tension when you think about navigating all of the food and drink options at your disposal. Don’t worry though, you’re not at all alone in feeling like this, and as hard as may be to believe it is 100% possible to enjoy every bit of your vacation without undoing all of your hard work. Here are a few simple strategies you can follow that will have you feeling super successful, and super fulfilled all at the same dang time! #Noomnerdslovevacation 

  1. Define what success will look and feel like before you go: Does it look like mindful eating for every meal? Logging everything you eat? Going for a walk each morning? Eating at least one green meal per day? The possibilities are truly endless because YOU get to define what success on this trip looks like to you. Remember- this journey is about sustainability so don’t forget to enjoy yourself!
  2. Make a general plan for finding that success and staying accountable: Now that you know what success will look like for this trip, it’s time to make your plan for making sure it happens! If you plan to eat mindfully each meal– what will that mindfulness look like? If you plan to walk each morning– how long will you walk for, and how will you feel? If you plan to eat one green meal per day– how will you hold yourself accountable? These are just some ideas to think about because this is YOUR vacation plan.  
  3. Take advantage of the hotel gym or classes offered: Most resorts and hotels have some form of exercise area that you can take advantage of. Even ten minutes of intentional movement will have your body feeling great, and will help keep that post vacation soreness when you get back to exercising at bay. 
  4. Embrace opportunities to walk places when possible: One of the beauties of traveling and vacation is often the new sites to see and places to explore. Instead of zooming by all of the sites in an uber or car, take advantage of the opportunity to get in some extra steps and see some extra views when possible. 
  5. Always add a side of green: This one is pretty straightforward. Add a side of fruits or veggies to every meal. Bonus points for making sure to eat those first so they don’t get left by the wayside! 
  6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: If all else fails, drink lots of water! Order it as a side to whatever other drinks you’re ordering, and if you’re enjoying one or six adult beverages, try to alternate them with water when possible. 
  7. When possible, take advantage of the fresh and local produce: There are so many tasty and nutritious local fruits and veggies out there so don’t hesitate to try something new! You may even find a new favorite. 
  8. Give yourself grace: Vacation is such a small fraction in the grand scheme of your life, and the purpose of vacation is to enjoy yourself. Your journey is about building lifelong sustainable habits, and with that comes imperfection. Guess what though- that’s a-okay! If nothing else, give it your best, enjoy your time, and when all else fails, try again the next choice! 

It can be so easy to fall into the all or nothing thought distortion trap when stepping out of routine and into relaxation mode, but it is totally possible to both have your cake and eat it too while on vacation. Follow the simple tips above that sound good for you and you’ll be feeling both refreshed and successful on your next trip!  
If you’re feeling inspired by these small steps and want even more help working on your habits and health, let Noom take the journey with you!