6 Ways to Stay Active on Vacation

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Travel… what could be more exciting?! Many of us find ourselves in the constant bustle of managing work, family, friends, hobbies, you name it! So, when a vacation opportunity presents itself – a chance to get away and escape from your day-to-day responsibility – how could you not be thrilled?  Whether it’s going home to visit family, taking a much needed weekend beach getaway, a camping trip with friends, or embarking on an international escapade, vacation is a time to check out and relax. However, if you are looking to maintain healthy routines, these events can often be challenging when it comes to staying active. Regular movement can be difficult when you are taking long drives, jumping from plane to plane, without access to a gym, or unable to have full control over your schedule/environment.

While this can be a challenge, it doesn’t mean that you are forced to avoid moving completely! There are a variety of ways to either get in a quick workout or increase your movement while traveling and continue having fun while doing so:

Get outside!

1) If you’re traveling to places with a moderate to warm climate, consider local parks or green spaces. Not only can you get in a walk/run/bike ride, but you can also experience a local spot and commune with nature! In cooler climates, you can still get out and explore some local landmarks, and even use this as an opportunity to try out some winter activities like sledding, skiing, ice-skating, etc.

2) Walk, walk, walk! What better way to get to know the place you are visiting? Taking some time to explore what the local community has to offer, and also getting in some extra steps, is a great way to stay active.

Take a class

3)  If you are not navigating around a busy schedule, look up some local classes! You might be able to find unique and exciting group classes that will also allow you to meet other travelers and locals.

4)  Researching group hikes, surfing, dance lessons, and other adventurous activities can bring some more fun into your day and also allow you to step outside of your comfort zone with a new activity.

Plan ahead…

5) If you prefer to stick to your daily workout routine, doing some research ahead of time can be helpful!  Look for hotels that have fitness amenities or gyms nearby to help you stay active. Joining a gym that has locations across the country and/or world might also be an option!

6) One of the best tools for building strength and endurance is your own body! Getting in a bodyweight workout is a great way to stay active without any additional cost (and you can do it anywhere!). If you want to add more variety into a gym-less routine, bringing along some affordable resistance bands can add an element of resistance and open you up to a wider library of exercises!

Planning ahead and finding local resources might seem intimidating, but you are in luck! This article lists a few apps that you can use to track your movement/exercises, locate classes, and discover workouts you can do on the go.

All six of these suggestions are opportunities for you to keep yourself (and your family) active while taking full advantage of the joy and excitement that comes along with a vacation. So wherever you next adventure, big or small, takes you —  get out there, get moving, and most of all, have fun!