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5 AMAZING Workouts You Can Do In Your Living Room

by | Apr 13, 2015 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Finding time to work out can be tough, plus the gym and exercise classes can be expensive. Combat both of these issues by working out at home! These exercise videos vary by intensity, type, and time. They’re lead by clear, cheerful professionals who guide you through each move and give tips on how to succeed. Get watching and get moving!

1. POP Pilates: Total Body Workout

Blogilates’ Cassey Ho is super peppy. Even better? Her clear and informative instructions make it easy to follow along with the movements. There’s no equipment necessary, except a mat during the abs portion. Use this routine for a full-body shakedown! If you find yourself wanting more, Cassey’s channel has countless exercise videos and challenges you can follow.

2. FitnessBlender: Cardio Kickboxing and Core Workout
If you’re looking to get your heartrate up, this workout is for you. Daniel from FitnessBlender takes you through an intense cardio circuit based in kickboxing that is sure to leave you sweating.

3. HASfit: Beginner Weight Workout
This video from HASfit takes you through the basics of weightlifting. It requires only one set of dumbbells and a mat, and is informative — you’ll learn how to keep proper form while lifting. If you enjoy weights, HASfit has loads of helpful videos that increase in difficulty as you go.


Trying to get rid of belly fat? While no exercise will spot-reduce, this lower ab workout will help. XHIT leads a 10-minute lower ab circuit that will definitely help you feel the burn.

5. Live Exercise: Mat Pilates
Pilates classes can be expensive and sometimes require training before even stepping into a class. Live Exercise presents a simple, easy-to-follow mat pilates “class” that requires no hefty fees or equipment! Follow along for a burning workout that will get you toned up right away.