5 Ways to Stay Active While Traveling

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Karen Tickner, MFT, PMA-CPT

The thought of being active on a business trip or vacation can seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! So often, we set out on a trip and find ourselves caught up in the mix of travel, work schedules, and meeting times, and it can seem that there’s no time to be active. However, getting movement into your travel days is easier than you might think! These 5 ways to stay active while traveling are sure to keep you moving, burning some calories, and making progress on your fitness journey!

1. Walk the walk

Sure, getting through airports can be an experience that is tedious, long, and crowded, but it’s also a great opportunity to get some much needed movement in your day. Instead of using the moving sidewalks, walk the airport. If you can, add even more activity by taking the stairs. It may add a little more time to your airport experience but will add more steps to your daily count! 

Then, once you reach your destination, plan a safe walking route around your venue or hotel. During your stay, schedule time to take a walk – no matter the distance! It could be short; it could be long. Any walking is good walking and will add up to great results over time! Walking is easy, accessible, free, and some of the best movement that you can do.

2. Plan breaks

If you are on a road trip, plan ahead of time to build in some much needed movement breaks into your driving schedule. Timed with your normal rest breaks, take a moment to get out of the car, take a nice walking lap, and give yourself some time to stretch. This will add in some activity, as well as give your body and mind a recharge for the drive ahead.

3. Move like nobody’s watching

Once you get to your hotel, that room is yours! Body weight exercises like squats, push ups, and lunges are simple and easy to do in your room. Yoga is also a great option for when you are looking to stretch, relieve some stress, and feel energized after a long day. If you are feeling a bit more spirited, workout videos on your phone or laptop are great ways to add more structure and accountability to your workout plan! 

Food for thought: Sometimes certain hotel chains have room-based workout tools like stretch bands, mats, and exercise balls ready and available for your use! Don’t hesitate to check with your front desk attendant to see if these options are available for you! 

4. Make the most of amenities

Most hotel chains will have a small fitness center or a pool available for guests. Though some may be better than others, they all will typically have a treadmill, a stationary bike, and some resistance training options for you to take advantage of. Using what’s available to you will help get some activity minutes under your belt, as well as create wonderful balance in your day! 

5. Research local classes

If you have time and are feeling bold, research some local fitness classes in the area that you are visiting. It’s always fun to explore what trends are hot in different locations, as well as experience new moves, teachers, and styles of whatever class you’d like to take. You never know what you may find if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone!

Getting in activity on your trip is easier than it seems! To keep yourself successful and accountable, be sure to pack fitness clothes for your trip and have a water bottle handy! By using any of these 5 tips to stay active, you’ll be able to get steps, burn off stress, and create balance in your day!