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5 Negative Thoughts That are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Journey

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Mary Kate Murphy

One of the biggest obstacles we face in our journey to becoming a healthier version is our inner critic. That darn voice sometimes just doesn’t want to shut off! But what if that voice is having a greater impact on our results than we’re even aware of? Is that negative Nancy in our heads preventing us from feeling better in our bodies? Let’s take a look. 

Here are some common negative thoughts that many experience along their journey, and here are solutions for those thought patterns and how to turn those negatives into positives! 

I’m not feeling motivated.

When we feel this way, this is an excellent time to reflect on our journeys as a whole. What have been some wins (i.e. cravings reduced, less mindless eating, increased water intake, eating within your calorie budget) along the way? Say them out loud or write them down if you have to and focus on the feeling that those wins give you. You’ll find yourself going from a state of demotivation to inspiration. You’ll feel more inspired when you focus on how far you have come, rather than what you’re not doing right. 

I’m experiencing a plateau; I’ll never break it.

First, it helps to define a plateau and a plateau is defined by not seeing movement on the scale in a two week time period. If it’s less than that then we’re good to go and reassess the actions that we were doing in the past that were helping you see results. If it’s been over two weeks, then it’s also a fantastic time to think of any changes we can make in our current habits to help overcome this plateau/fluctuation? For example, increasing exercise intensity or varying the type of workouts you’re doing, making a change in your diet, etc.

The scale went back up; looks like it’s time to throw in the towel.

Keep that towel because the scale says only one portion about the progress that we’re making. A number does not define our success! In fact, on any given day, our weight can fluctuate up and down up to 5 pounds. Fortunately there are many other ways to note progress such as more energy, better sleep, clearer skin, clothes less snug and overall feeling BETTER in our bodies!  

“I went off the deep end this weekend… what’s the point?”

We all have weekends that we may eat more than others, but that’s why this is a LIFEstyle, not a life sentence! One bad weekend won’t make us sabotage all our progress, nor will one good weekend create lifelong healthy habits. Remind yourself, that this is a journey and a weekend of “not so good” choices will happen, but let’s not let one bad weekend detract us from our big picture. 

“My friends and family make this hard for me. Maybe I should just eat like them.”

We sign up for a healthy lifestyle app, we’re all excited and then the weekend comes and our friends get together at the same local watering hole and partake in the same weekend activities centered around good eats and drinks. What do we do? There is hope for you! Instead of focusing on what you can’t control, how about focusing on what you can control during these social gatherings. What feels manageable for you when you’re out with friends and family? Is it focusing on your water intake, indulging in one dessert, limiting yourself to one or two alcoholic drinks. Choose that one thing and go for it! It all feels much more underwhelming this way. 

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