45 Day Weight Loss Plan: Is it safe & healthy?

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Nicholas Gregory, MA

In the world of diet and weight loss plans, quick fixes and over-promised results are the norm. One such plan that seems to be creating some buzz are 45 day weight loss plans. From Facebook to Youtube, there seem to be consistent posts about huge weight loss success in just 45 days.The popularity of these programs is in part due to the exaggerated results promised. After all, who wouldn’t want to get more info on programs that claim you can, “Lose 25 pounds in 45 days!” or  teach you “How to lose 30 pounds in 45 days!” Like most things in life, if the results seem to good to be true, they probably are. Let’s break down what all of these 45 day programs have in common, where they miss the mark, and a more sustainable approach!

The main goal of 45 day weight loss plans isn’t weight loss

When looking at the multitude of 45 day plans out there, it quickly becomes clear that the main goal of these advertisements is to sell programs, memberships, and supplemental plans. There is nothing special about the timeframe of 45 days besides the fact that it catches the eye and makes followers think that the results may be possible in that amount of time (how many weeks is 45 days anyways?).

These plans also include a host of health and fitness-related buzzwords to further entice perspective followers into purchasing programs. Phrases like “muscle activating workouts”, “fat-burning foods” and “tips to lose weight without counting calories” are commonplace in these programs and are honestly redundant and laughable.

Firstly, all workouts activate muscles, that’s the definition of a workout… Secondly, the digestion of all food can contribute to an increase in metabolism via the thermic effect of food, which is just a fancy name for the energy you expend while digesting food. Simply put there are no such things as fat burning foods (no, not even acai berries or cayenne pepper). Finally, without counting calories, it is much harder to develop awareness around calorie consumption and food choices. Although calorie counting is not necessary to lose weight, it can help develop awareness around choices, triggers, and foods that both fill and fuel you!

Why 45 day weight loss plans over-promise and under-deliver

Fitness buzzwords aside, the promised results of these programs are dangerous and completely unsustainable. For the sake of demonstration, let’s use the “lose 25 pounds in 45 days” plan. Safe and sustainable weight loss is on average anywhere from 1-2 pounds per week. Converting 45 days to weeks is about 6.5 weeks which would equate to, at the highest amount, 13 pounds of weight loss. This shows that these programs are again not concerned with safe or sustainable weight loss but instead false claims and dangerous restriction.

Consider a lifetime weight loss

At Noom, we will never promise unsafe or unrealistic results. We believe the most effective plan to lose weight is the plan that works for you! That is why our program is based on building awareness around food choices, activity, and motivation. Do so alongside your personalized goal specialist, as well as your group and group coach, all while learning and putting true behavior change into practice. Don’t look for shortcuts or quick fixes as they will leave you frustrated and looking for another solution. See why Noom is different and start your weight loss journey today!