4 Ways to Conquer Scale Frustrations

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Stacey Arsenault

You’re making healthy choices each day and working hard to keeping believing, but the scale just isn’t budging. For many people, this causes a roller coaster of emotions, at the core of which is frustration.

It’s absolutely normal for there to be some fluctuation in your weight from day to day. We often see weight fluctuations caused by hormones, water retention, sodium intake, or stress. Take stock if any of these factors may be affecting your fluctuations, otherwise know that it’s normal for your weight to vary day to day. We know this can be a total buzzkill so we want to share our best tips to stay positive and crush those pesky negative thoughts.

  • Keep it realistic! Remember, Noom’s aim is to help you achieve healthy weight loss which means the weight will come off slowly over time with the overall objective of keeping it off for good. Keep in perspective that a healthy weight graph will not be a straight line decreasing but a line that will go up and down.
  • Reflect!  Before you step on the scale each morning take a moment to reflect.  Think back to the previous day and remind yourself of one healthy choice that you made that you’re proud of. Celebrate yourself for this victory and then step on the scale.
  • Track your non-scale wins!  Be on the lookout for all the positive ways that you have changed since you have joined Noom.  This might be more energy, increased confidence, clearer skin, looser clothes, toned muscles, or feeling better overall. Create a list of all your wins and continue to add to it as you experience more victories. When a low moment hits you will have your non-scale wins list to turn to.
  • Use a mantra! Find a mantra or quote that helps inspire you and reminds you that you’re more than a number on the scale. Here is our favorite inspirational quote.