3 Tips to Set Fitness Goals that Stick Beyond the New Year

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Angela Finn, MS, RD

Everyone knows that January is the busiest month for gym memberships, workout equipment use, training sessions and “New Year, New Me” goals- but what happens once motivation starts to slow down by early spring? What happens when we get through January and life starts to happen? We find ourselves no longer running with the bustle of New Year’s resolutions, but succumbing to reality. 

Can reality and fitness goals exist past the January hype? More importantly, can reality and fitness goals ever exist at the same time? It may seem crazy, but yes, yes they can. Remember our friend, SMART goals? 

Let’s spell it out together: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based

If you’re already a #NoomNerd, you know exactly what we’re talking about. You also know we love #’s, acronyms and lists. That being said, here’s one more list for ya and your pocket of #NoomTricks. 

You’ve spent time making your goals SMART… and then what? A week of success, maybe two… and then what? Things to keep in mind to set your SMART goals to follow a sustainable routine: 

1. Enjoyable, not forced

“I hate running” VS “I enjoy dancing”

Which sounds appealing?

Which sounds sustainable?

When setting SMART fitness goals, think about what’s enjoyable to you. Think about what excites you and think creatively with how you can incorporate something you enjoy into some sort of movement. Exercise is not only defined as time in the gym or using fancy equipment — any type of movement is good movement! If you like listening to music, think about sweeping the floor or raking the leaves to some tunes! If you like chatting with friends, think about catching up while on a walk (the accountability is a plus)!

2. Could, not Should

“I should go for a run” versus “I could go for a run”.

Which sounds forced? Which sounds empowering?

Let’s be honest. The word “should” sounds forced. Similar to doing something you hate (see tip #1 above), forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy or don’t feel confident doing can be setting yourself up for failure. Think about fitness goals you know you could achieve. 

3. Progress, not perfection

We get it. It’s January 1 and everyone is talking about how they’re dropping their holiday habits to perfect their health habits. Everyone is at the gym. Everyone is wearing their new activity tracker on their wrist or sporting their new water bottle in the cafeteria. The competition is intimidating! Trick’s on them…the key is to take steps, one at a time, literally and figuratively. It’s okay if you’re not working out every day. Instead, think about building a strong foundation and starting at a baseline that will help you get into an enjoyable routine that you could achieve. Remember, small goals lead to big successes!

Thinking about setting your own SMART goals that will stick? Start talking to a Noom coach now! We’re here for you on New Year’s and every day till next year. New year, same support.