3 Healthy Tips to Make Date Night Sizzle

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Last updated Feb 25, 2023

Author: Angela Lisle

When romance is in the air, it can be challenging to even think about sticking to a healthy diet. And, unfortunately, date night foods are known for their calories! Luckily, Noom’s got your back.

Here are 3 tips for enjoying a special evening while staying on track. 

1. Make it new

As with affairs of the heart, keeping things new and interesting with your date-night menu can be fun! Remember that you don’t have to choose the old standby items you have enjoyed in the past. Even if cartoon dogs look adorable sharing it on TV, a belly full of creamy pasta may not feel great if you plan to get a bit frisky later in the evening. Enjoy a light meal, so you feel light and energized, too. 

To start off, a broth-based soup or veggie-centered salad can be a wonderful appetizer to get the palate ready for other items. Next, you might enjoy a nice, light protein like seafood (maybe even raw oysters, if that’s your thing) or tofu as your entree. A grilled veggie like asparagus might go great with that as well!  

Deliciously sinful beverages regularly appear on the menu for date night, too. When passion is on the line, we often lean toward heavy, calorie-laden drinks and alcoholic beverages on date night, which can be both filling and quite dehydrating. Instead, relish the bubbles in a sparkling water or enjoy a mocktail with choices like watermelon juice or coconut water to help keep you hydrated for any activities you have planned for later in the evening. 

2. Turn up the heat

One of the most exciting parts of any relationship can be those exhilarating, adrenaline-boosting moments that you share with a partner. It might be surprising, but experimenting with spice in your cuisine can also be an interesting way to get that circulation flowing. 

For instance, you could try cooking a nice curry or a ginger-inspired dish with your significant other. Obviously, level of spice can be a very particular preference for many people, so be sure to check with them first to see what recipes they might enjoy most.

If heat isn’t your thing, try other more aromatic options in your dishes like nutmeg and clove. Fragrance has long been a part of the mating dance in many cultures of the world. Spices have many surprising and delicious uses, from savory to sweet. One simple way to enjoy some spice in your life is to sprinkle a little on a post-meal latte. It adds a special touch of flavor and makes a simple drink into a dessert, without breaking your calorie budget. 

3. Take it slow

When dining, just like with other areas in life, sometimes the anticipation is half the fun. Take the meal slow and enjoy the entire process together. If possible, plan your evening so that you have no distractions from each other. Share the labor, savor the smells, and relish in your creations as a couple. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but don’t forget that your mind can truly be the most powerful aphrodisiac of all! Because of this, enjoying your food mindfully can be a VERY sensuous experience if you want it to be. Even dessert can be a decadent experience without necessarily ruining your calorie budget when enjoyed together. We have some wonderful date-friendly dessert ideas here.  

You can even try feeding your partner, to raise the temperature a few degrees! For example, find some luscious, ripe strawberries and put a tiny dollop of whipped cream on the tips for a treat. Or, maybe slather a bit of dark chocolate sauce on a banana to end your meal? 

Finally, just like you take care with your wardrobe when planning for date night, take care with planning all aspects of your meal, like how it is displayed and served. It’s not just what you’re eating that matters, it’s the whole experience that can be a turn-on for numerous types of appetites. Think outside the box and have fun with it! 
Need more ideas for healthy recipes or for ways to minimize those calorie-dense items? Noom can help with that too. Check us out and start your14-day trial here!