13 Non-Food Ideas to Celebrate Love

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

It’s that time of year, the time when you look around and you see a plethora of red, pink and shiny hearts and flowers. And you know what else? A lot of those are around, a piece or large box, of freaking chocolate. Those little kisses may look small and seem like no big deal… until you eat 20 of them!

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. While this time of year is traditionally celebrated with elaborate meals, delicious desserts and over the top gifts and declarations, we’ve got some non-food ideas for you to celebrate with your loved one.

1. Relive your first date

Fun, crazy, boring or whatever this is what started you two off. Recapture that moment and go out and have some fun together! Go to a movie, go dancing, hang out or whatever you did that first night! Disclaimer: if you’re high school sweethearts we do not advise crashing a high school dance. They don’t know you and you might be arrested.

2. Make a little music

You know you have a song. It may be cheesy but it’s yours! Well guess what? It’s time to sing to each other. That’s right— get out there and find some karaoke! Sing your song, and every other cheesy love song you can think of. Laugh and have a good time. Let’s face it, laughter is a big part of a loving relationship. Not sure what to sing? Here are some ideas for you.

3. Cozy up

Think Netflix, not chocolate. Get in your comfies – match ‘em if you got ‘em – curl up on the couch, and watch one of your favorite television shows or movies. Get creative and find ones you haven’t seen in a while or ones that were popular when you first got together.

4. Spread the love

Sometimes giving ourselves just feels really good. You do that for each other hopefully year-round. How about this month you spread that around? Find a volunteer opportunity in your area. Hospitals, food kitchens, animal shelters, etc. rely on volunteers to help make things happen. Maybe you’ll find something that you really enjoy and make a difference with the one you love!

5. Make a gift

Sometimes you want to save money, sometimes you just want to do something different. Whatever your reason, why not try and make each other gifts this year? Pick something and do it together, or surprise each other. Need some inspiration? Check out these from Shutterfly.

6. Snap a shot

Yes, you can go to a studio and have it done professionally, but with all the tools and filters we have available nowadays, you can also do this at home. But have a little fun with it! Why not recreate an iconic photo or even a photo of a famous couple. Dress up and you will have a memento to cherish forever!

7. Get active

Maybe you already go to the gym together. Well, being active does not mean it has to be the same old workout! Try a new class together, go on a hike, do your partner’s workout or have them do yours. You can even just have some fun by finding an indoor water park, skating rink or even go bowling.

8. Go live

So you’re probably not going to get tickets to see Maroon 5 last minute (but we were just entertained by them at the Super Bowl), but shows don’t just mean concerts. Although, yeah, they’re lots of fun. Plays, musicals and comedy shows are also a lot of fun. See what’s going on in your area and what tickets are still available.

9. Put a pen to paper

Write a letter to your future selves. You can create this letter together, write letters to yourselves or even to each other. Yes, you can do it on the computer. But you’re more tempted if you can easily access it. Instead, actually write out the letter, seal it up and put it away. Choose when you will read the letters in the future and do it together.

10. Create a vision board

Goals are sometimes very personal and you might not share them all – even with the one you love. But chances are you also have goals you want to accomplish together. So, take a day or evening, sit down and create a vision board together. There are so many ways to do this, but here are some tips to get you started.

11. Take a Class

Not a workout here. Think painting, language, wood carving, card making, sewing, wall paper or even paper mache. Get outside your comfort zone and have a good time! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something you really enjoy.

12. Sit down and look back

Talk about how that first date even happened! How did you meet? What attracted you to your partner? What do you love about each other? What drove you crazy – or still does – about your partner? Think back on all the good and even the hard times that brought you where you are today.

13. Make Your Own Game

Wanna see how well you really know each other? Make your own game show! Create a list of 20 questions: favorite movie, age of your first kiss, where you grew up, most embarrassing moment or try some of these. Create a point system and decide on the prize beforehand. Then have some laughs! Remember though, this is supposed to be a good time, so keep it light and silly.

Author: Bethany Kochan