10 Simple Strategies to Stay on Track this Holiday Season

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Last updated Apr 5, 2023

Did you catch our live chat with Coach Pete and Coach Nancy this week? If not, be sure to catch it here!

We talked about 10 simple strategies you can use to stay on track this holiday season.

Are you ready?

1. Set realistic goals

Hitting the gym for an hour every day? Not eating an ounce of sugar? With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, these goals might be difficult to stick with. A big part of staying on track is looking at how you define what that track is. For many people, weight loss during the holidays simply isn’t realistic. Reframe your goals and make it a point to “maintain, not gain” this holiday season!

2. Create an action plan

Planning is your best strategy for sticking to your goals. Want to keep up with your activity routine? Schedule it in your calendar! Want to limit yourself to one slice of pie? Make a plan for how you’ll say no to seconds. Want to profit from your time off to get some extra zzzs? Plan a structured nighttime routine. You get the point!

3. Eat before you go

Knowing how much food will be available to you at dinner can make it tempting to skip meals or save calories for later. Unfortunately, skimping out on eats throughout the day usually backfires! Arriving to an event famished causes most people to overeat when they do allow themselves the opportunity to eat. Set the tone for the day with a healthy breakfast and eat light meals and snacks throughout the day (filling up on fruits and veggies!) so that you can enjoy yourself in moderation in the evening.

4. Use a smaller plate

Sounds simple enough, right? Naturally, downsizing your dinnerware can help you eat fewer calories. Also, filling up your small plate can actually trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more as well!

5. Be mindful of beverages

We tend to forget that drinks have calories — empty calories that don’t fill you up and can easily throw you over your calorie budget! Your favorite holiday nog? That packs over 300 calories and 20 grams of sugar! If you’re going to enjoy a drink or two, make sure to drink water the rest of the time. Remember, alcohol can also decrease your inhibitions and cause you to overindulge in less healthy foods.

6. Schedule “you time”

Cleaning the house for your guests, making cards for your friends, buying gifts for your family — but what about you? During this stressful time, it’s especially important to make yourself and your health a priority. A healthy, happy you is the best gift you can give your loved ones!

7. Bring a healthy dish

It’s never polite to show up empty-handed. Prepare a healthy appetizer, side dish, or dessert that you’ll feel good eating. That way, you’re sure to have at least one nutritious option!

8. Just say “no, thank you!”

Sometimes you just need to say “no, thank you,” but that’s usually easier said than done! It can be helpful to explain to your loved ones why you’re passing up on seconds of their homemade pie. Don’t feel like getting all serious? Diffuse with a little humor. Try “no thank you, I’m driving!”

9. Keep track of what you’re eating

Logging can help you stick to your calorie budget. Logging your food can also be helpful for you to make decisions in the moment: should you go for seconds of mashed potatoes or opt for boiled potatoes instead?

10. Eat, drink, and be merry!

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed — and food is only one piece of the puzzle! Focus on the people you’re with, the events you’re experiencing, and the memories you’re making. That being said, eat foods you love in reasonable portions, drink in moderation, and have fun throughout!

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