Noom Weight

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All the tools and coaching you need to lose weight.

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Quick and easy food logging

Log meals in seconds thanks to our perfected search algorithm and robust database with nearly one million foods. We also remember your favorite foods for you to make logging even faster.

Supremely intelligent

Personalized, daily tasks help you understand what to do each day to lose weight. With Noom Pro, you gain access to our library of hundreds of educational articles and challenges — all intelligently assigned by the Coach.

Advanced feedback and motivation

Get the encouragement you need to stick to your healthy habits with feedback after each meal (Noom Pro feature). Color-coded logging teaches you which foods are really healthy — and which foods aren’t.

Reminders and notifications

The hardest part of any diet? Staying motivated. Noom's reminders keep you on track to follow-through with your wellness goals.

Never miss a step

GPS-based workout tracking allows you to save and share dozens of different exercise types.

Plus, Noom's pedometer technology is cutting-edge. The app counts your steps all day, every day without killing your battery or needing to be turned on and off. The combination of these two technologies gives you clear insight into how much activity you do every day.

Get your group on

Noom Groups joins like-minded Noom Pro Members in virtual groups where you can share your weight loss journey and receive the motivation and support you need to stick with your goals. Exclusive for Pro members.

Scientifically-proven, expert-backed weight loss guidance

We rely on expert support and input to build a weight loss program that truly works. We receive guidance from certified leaders in medicine, health, and nutrition to guide the development of our products.